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7 Foods for Oily Skin That You Should Start Eating ...

By Laura

According to some nutritionists, there are foods for oily skin that those of us with a greasy complexion can eat to enhance our beauty. For us ladies, some of our oily skin problems are due to the hormones we experience during our menstrual cycles. Then there is puberty--who the hell can forget the horror that was puberty? Foods for oily skin aren't going to solve all of your beauty dilemmas. They will, however, do you a few favors to make life easier.

1 Green Leafy Vegetables

Green Leafy Vegetables Green leafy vegetables are some of the best foods for oily skin. From spinach through to kale, they produce the Vitamin C that can combat the oxidants you come into contact with every day. I am not a massive vegetable fan--it takes some serious work for me to munch on greens. However, there are some ways around this. First, spinach tastes great in most salads and stir fries. Second, kale is fantastic in morning smoothies. Try to add a little each day to your diet to see the antioxidant benefits.

2 Snack on Nuts

Snack on Nuts If you have suffered from acne scarring as a result of oily skin, Vitamin E can promote the healing process. It encourages cell membranes to strengthen, which means you need to take it during bouts of acne to prevent scarring. Of course you can get Vitamin E from a variety of sources. Nuts are the tastiest though, at least to me. You can carry small packs around, mix them with yogurt, cover them in honey...the possibilities are endless.

3 Anything Low in Sugar

Anything Low in Sugar Okay, so we all love chocolate, sweets, and ice cream. However, when you eat lots of sugar, your insulin levels rocket in response, which in turn triggers inflammation. Too much insulin can also cause a cascade of hormones that cause your pores to clog. When combined, this inflammation and clogging make for some pretty nasty looking zits. This doesn't mean you have to ditch everything sweet you enjoy in life, just find low sugar alternatives.

4 Munch on Salmon

Munch on Salmon I understand that it seems a little paradoxical suggesting oily food when you are trying to combat oily skin. However, when it comes to salmon, you are actually doing your skin a huge favor. Salmon is rich in Omega-3s, which keep certain molecules in your body under control. These molecules increase sebum production, which makes oily skin worse. Not everyone is a fan of salmon, so give flaxseed oil or avocados a whirl instead.

5 Spearmint

Spearmint From spearmint tea to spearmint in curries (yeah, it does actually taste nice), this ingredient is great for reducing your testosterone levels. Those pesky androgens are quite the pains when it comes to too much sebum production. This means consuming spearmint can de-grease your skin. Brewing your own tea is a fairly simple process. However, you can also buy it in tea bags--which is even simpler.

6 Oats

Oats Oats are packed full of zinc, which means they can help synthesize collagen. As the major supporting structure of your skin, collagen helps it look healthy. There is also evidence to support the idea that zinc will reduce sebum levels. Try eating a bowl in the morning or making a face mask with some!

7 Water

Water Okay, so water isn't a food. However, it will plump up your skin, which means it will look less dull. When combating oily skin, your battle isn't just about de-greasing. You need to do what you can to make it look fresh. Nice plump skin from plenty of water will do that, so pay attention to your thirst cues and keep drinking.

As well as paying attention to what you eat and drink, make sure you develop a great skin care routine and stick with it. Switching products too often can make oily skin worse, so try to establish some consistency. Try not to be a slave to your skin, but do make the most of your diet to battle that oil. If you are an oily skin sufferer, what do you eat to balance your skin?

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