9 Foods That Are Great for Eating Disorder Recovery ...


During my recovery from a ten year period of binging and starving, I learned that there were certain foods for eating disorder recovery that could help balance my brain chemistry. The simple fact is that the mind of a disordered eater is imbalanced. It doesn’t mean people who have an eating disorder are crazy or weird. It is no different than someone being prone to another type of harmful self-behavior. An imbalance in the brain can be mostly corrected through therapy and eating foods that help fuel balance in the body. What are these foods for eating disorder recovery and how do they work? Read on to find the answers and my experience with each of them.

1. Protein


I know people get tired of hearing that they need to eat protein, but protein is one of the best foods for eating disorder recovery. Why so? Protein is made up of essential amino acids. These amino acids help to fuel neurons in the brain that aid in focus, serotonin production, clarity and they optimize blood sugar. Optimizing blood sugar is important for those with an eating disorder, because so often, blood sugar levels go astray due to periods of under-eating and overeating. Protein stabilizes insulin, increases a positive mood, and stabilizes hormones and blood sugar levels. This creates an entire array of balance that prevents disordered eating, and over time, even helps with thoughts towards disordered eating. Quality sources include lean, organic animal sources like plain yogurt, wild fresh fish, turkey, chicken and eggs. Complete plant sources include hemp protein, hemp seeds, edamame, sprouted brown rice protein, and chia seeds. Aim to eat some with each meal and snack.

Leafy Greens
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