7 Yummy Foods That Keep You Full for Long Periods of Time ...


7 Yummy Foods That Keep You Full for Long Periods of Time ...
7 Yummy Foods That Keep You Full for Long Periods of Time ...

Some of my favorite foods that keep you full also happen to be really healthy and good for you choices. Why is it important to know foods that keep you full, you may ask? Well, if you feel hungry shortly after leaving the dinner table, you will be encouraged to snack around, and usually on sugary snacks or carb-loaded treats. If you eat foods that keep you full for long periods of time, there will be no need to snack later on. So read on to learn what to eat to keep your waistline from growing too quickly.

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Apples Apples are one of the nutritious foods that keep you full! They only have around 80 calories, but apples have nearly 4 grams of fiber in them! That plus the high water content is what keeps your tummy full and happy in between meals, so grab one of these bad boys for a snack or as an on-the-go breakfast if you’re pinched for time.



Eggs Eggs are packed full of protein so it’s no wonder they keep you full for longer! Experiment with different ways to cook them. Try hard boiled, scrambled, over-easy, or even deviled for a sometimes treat. Bonus tip: eggs only have around 70 calories each!



Oatmeal Fiber and protein. That’s what makes oatmeal such a filling and nutritious meal! If you don’t like straight up oatmeal, try adding oats to things like bread and cookies to get that hunger-nipping factor in. Cinnamon, honey, raisins, and blueberries are healthy add-ins to oatmeal for a yummy breakfast!



Avocados The reason that avocados help fight hunger is because their healthy monounsaturated fats help to slow the rate that your stomach empties! In other words, your body draws nutrition from avocados for long periods of time before it completely digests. Just take it easy on avocados because while they are good for you in small amounts, they also have lots of calories, so don’t reach for one or two every single day.



Nuts The best nuts to nosh on include pistachios, walnuts, and almonds. These nuts have good-for-you ingredients, like fiber and protein, as well as good fats. Try to keep your portions around an ounce or so each time so you don’t get stuck eating more than necessary and going on a calorie overload!



Soups Soups keep you feeling full because they have high water content. They are also hydrating for this same reason! Look for broth-based soups with lots of veggies. Rice and pasta are okay too. You might want to take it easy on cream based soups since they will be laden with fat and calories! You don’t need fat or calories in large amounts to feel full!



Beans Beans are a great substitute for meat if you’re trying to cut back! Chock full of protein, you are getting so much nourishment from beans. If you don’t like beans, try grinding them up and using them as a thickener for any dish you like. You can’t really taste them if you do that! You can also try lentils if you’re bored of beans. I like to add beans into casseroles, soups, and even sprinkled onto my salad.

If you can try to munch on these items for snacks or add them to your meals, you will be surprised at how much longer you will feel full! Keep them on hand so you will be encouraged to cook with them. Do you eat these foods? Please comment below if you know any other foods that make you feel full for long periods of time!

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I love avocados sliced up with lime juice and pepper, it's really yummy!

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