11 Foods That Help You Prepare for a 5K ...


To all of you out there preparing for your first, or next 5K, be sure you fuel your runs properly with some of the best foods that help you prepare for a 5K. I’ve never been a runner myself, but I’ve always admired the diligence of runners, along with how most of them properly fuel their bodies. As a fitness enthusiast, I always love learning what foods are best for fueling my body and giving it the best nutrition possible. That being said, I’d like to share with you certain foods that help you prepare for a 5K, or any athletic event of high endurance for that matter. The best part is, most of these are probably ones you already eat, and are some of the healthiest ones to choose.

1. Oats


Oats are a true super grain, and one of the top foods that help you prepare for a 5K. Oats are very high in protein, slow to digest, have little fat, and are full of easy to digest fiber. Oats are also high in B vitamins and selenium that help provide energy to the body. They contain potassium and iron to keep you fueled as well. Oats for breakfast is a fantastic way to start your day and fuel your runs properly. Do be sure you avoid instant varieties however, and opt for either rolled oats, or steel cut. They are digested slowly and are therefore much friendlier to your energy levels and blood sugar levels.

Brown Rice
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