13 Foods That Strengthen Your Nails and How to Add Them to Your Diet ...

Brittle hair and nails are usually both signs your body is lacking nutrients it needs, so be sure to add some foods that strengthen your nails to solve the problem quickly. Biotin, selenium, protein, zinc, copper, iron and beta-carotene are all essential to good hair growth. Going without them is like setting yourself up to have brittle, weak nails, along with damaged hair. Certain foods are rich in these nutrients, while others are not, but don’t worry, because believe it or not, the nails and hair are some of the easiest things to improve the appearance of in the body. Feeding your nails more of what they want will have them looking stronger in no time. Now that you know what nutrients you need from foods, here's some ways to implement foods that strengthen your nails into your meals. Before you know it, you’ll be eating these foods automatically, without even knowing you’re trying.

1. Fish

Fish is absolutely one of the best foods that strengthen your nails of all. First, it’s full of lean, easy to assimilate protein that can be used immediately for your body, exactly how it wants to use it. Protein helps feed collagen and keratin in your skin, hair and nails. Fish is one of the most beauty friendly sources of animal protein you can eat as well. Choose salmon, tuna, white fish, shrimp and crab for the best benefits, and eat it at least three times a week. Avoid high mercury sources like sushi, mackerel and swordfish, which can actually weaken your nails, not strengthen them. Bake, broil or grill fish and add it to your lunches, dinners and substitute other sources of meat with fish. In no time, you’ll be looking great and your nails will be growing quickly too.

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