7 Foods to Help You Slim down for Spring ...


As we head into spring you may want to compile a list of the foods to help you slim down. A girl’s got to eat, right? So why not eat the right foods to help you achieve your weight loss and health goals? Did you know certain foods can boost your metabolism and help you lose weight? Yes, that is right! Certain foods with the right amount of proteins, vitamins and minerals can do just this and this food will also nourish your body. So are you ready to get started? Then read about the foods to help you slim down for spring:

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Fish Fish is a great source of lean protein to help boost your metabolism and curb your appetite. You can choose salmon, sea bass or another option. These options are heart healthy and will provide your body with plenty of protein. It is best to prepare this in the oven or grilled to keep the calories low. Fish is one of the best foods to help you slim down.



Grapefruit Do you remember the grapefruit diet? Okay, living on grapefruit alone is too extreme, but grapefruit is a great fruit to eat. Studies have shown it reduces your insulin levels, which promotes weight loss. So go ahead and snack on some grapefruit!



Cherries Cherries are a great weight loss fruit because they are loaded with antioxidants and can ward off free radicals. Free radicals can keep us from losing weight and they also detoxify the body. This can also cause metabolic syndrome, causing your weight loss goals to be at a halt. So go ahead and have some cherries knowing you are bettering your body!



Blueberries This great weight loss fruit is loaded with antioxidants and studies have even shown it helps reduce belly fat. Sprinkle a handful on Greek yogurt or over a salad for loads of health benefits, along with aiding your weight loss goals.



Onions Onions help reduce body fat because of the chromium in them and they are even sweeter in spring. Onions also contain minerals that rev up your metabolic rate, making weight loss even simpler. You can put onions in your salad, on a sandwich, in your eggs or even in your tuna. Additionally, onions have been proven to reduce your risks of cancer so make sure you eat onions each day!



Cucumbers This perfect diet food is a natural diuretic to help you reduce water weight. Cucumbers are also low in calories and full of water, making this a perfect snack for your weight loss plan. You can add cucumbers to your salad or snack anytime of the day!



Asparagus Asparagus, along with any other vegetables are great for weight loss and your health. Asparagus packs plenty of fiber to aid the digestive process, folate and vitamin A. It is low in calories so munch along to better your body. Also, asparagus is often eaten by competitive weight lifters because it is said to lean down your body and show the muscle striation needed for a competitive show. So do you eat asparagus with your dinner?

Now that you have a list of great weight loss foods, which food will you eat first? Are you ready to lose weight, feel great and get ready for spring? Here’s to better health, a leaner waistline and a longer, healthier life!

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Delicious and Nutritious! Good post!

fab post ! keep em coming PLEASE :)

Great post It lets me know I'm on track.

I love all of these foods!! Yummy

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