17 Foods You Can Drool over on Instagram ...


A lot of people make fun of all the food photos on Instagram, but I love them. Oh, I love them so much! I love seeing talented recipe curators take beautifully posed photos of their new creations. I love seeing divine restaurant dishes. I love seeing the scrumptious meals everyday people post on their feeds. You can get so much foodie inspiration from these photos, although they're apt to make you feel hungry all the time. You know the best part about drooling over foods on Instagram? No calories!

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This Gorgeous Chicken

This chicken is glorious. Look at it! Look at the grill marks, the color, the crisp caramelization of the fat … and the corn on the cob! Oh man. I'm so hungry.


This Array of Deliciousness

Do I see homemade pickles? I SEE HOMEMADE PICKLES!


These Glorious Doughnuts

I want to try all four of these. They also look enormous. All doughnuts should be enormous.


This Pretty Smoothie Bowl

It looks like tie-dye. It's glorious. Actually, even the photo is really gorgeous – I'm loving the sprinkling of pomegranate seeds!


This Picnic

I want to go on a picnic made entirely out of sweets! I need to tell that to someone who will secretly blab it to Heather.


This Unique Ice Cream Treat

There's so much going on here and I want to experience all of it. Seriously, I need that panda cookie. I NEED it.


These Cute Piggies

How could you even eat these? They're so adorable! They look like they would squeal if you tried to bite off their little ears.


This Chicken Salad Sandwich

Who knew chicken salad could look so tempting? And it's such a huge sandwich! I don't even think I could fit that in my mouth.


We All Scream for …

ICE CREAM! I'm pretty sure that's pistachio, in which case, I'm pretty sure I'm drooling now.


This Perfect Ramen Bowl

I can't get over those eggs. They look so rich and decadent – perfectly soft-boiled.


This Black Bean Soup

Oh. Oh, yes. Yes to everything about this. I want a bowl!


This Technicolor Cake

Here's another drool-worthy foodie shot that looks too pretty to eat. That icing is flawless!


This Breakfast Bowl

I would never skip breakfast if I had a bowl of this ready and waiting for me. It looks so filling and refreshing!


These Adorable Sweet Treats

As if the cake pops aren't enough, look at those lovely little bites of deliciousness in front of them. The designs are so pretty!


This Breakfast of Champions

This is the kind of breakfast you could easily eat for dinner, too. Oh, that egg looks so good.


This Burger

Everything about this burger is marvelous, but the cheese oozing out? That's the money shot.


This Perfect Pizza

You can tell the crust is crispy just by looking at it. The only thing wrong with this photo, in fact, is the lack of pepperoni on this particular piece.

Are you drooling yet?

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These all look so good 😍

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