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French fries – almost as universally loved as pizza. However, they're no longer boring slices of deep-fried potato, oh no. They go so far beyond that. Although a sprinkle of salt and a smear of ketchup are still ideal accouterments to your favorite fries, there's a big wide world of fry-inspired goodness out there. You don't even have to rely on potatoes now, nor do you have to fry your fries. Bake them, saute them, toss them in bubbling oil – it's your choice!

1. Homemade McDonald's Fries

Homemade McDonald's Fries

Recipe: aht.seriouseats.com

So, here's a heavenly recipe for you. Imagine being able to make your own McDonald's fries right at home. They still won't be healthy, exactly, but they'll be healthier … and delicious!

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