7 Genius Ways to Use Summer Fruit to Make Something Tasty ...


Summer is the best season to stock up on fresh fruit and there are so many wonderful ways to use summer fruit even after the season is over. One of my favorite tricks for making delicious fruits that are abundant in summer last all year round, such as blueberries and strawberries, is freezing them for long term storage. In fact, fresh fruit is much cheaper in the summer, and it can be more economical to freeze fresh summer fruits instead of buying it later in the winter when it isn’t in season. Try my favorite ways to create delicious dishes in the last few months of summer as one of the best ways to use summer fruit right up!

1. Make Smoothies

Make Smoothies

Most of you who have read some of my articles by now will know I love smoothies, so they are definitely one of my favorite ways to use summer fruit right up! One of my favorite things to do as summer nears its last few months, is to make smoothies for my family routinely. Blueberry banana, mixed berry, strawberry peach, and peachy banana are all favorites around my house. I also love to take berries and use them in my everyday smoothies the last few months of summer. I even freeze a batch of about 7 smoothies and store them in my freezer in case I need one in pinch or I’m in a hurry. Then I can just thaw for 30 minutes on the counter and drink it right up!

Bake up Some Muffins
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