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They say foods for breakfast are important. And breakfast really is the most important meal of the day! What you eat for breakfast frames your entire day. Read on for seven great foods for breakfast and don't forget to throw in some coffee, grapefruit or orange juice!

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Eggs One of the first foods for breakfast is eggs. Eggs are packed with protein and will help you power through your day. They're also full of variety. You can try them scrambled, (with veggies, with cheese), sunny-side-up, in an omelette, hard-boiled... the possibilities are endless! Have your egg with a few carbs, like toast or a banana. My favorite: scrambled eggs with half egg whites, and some chopped up bell pepper and spinach. Perfect with salsa!



Oatmeal Oatmeal is another superfood, with tons of vitamins and fiber. What you put in your oatmeal can also help punch it up! Try it with soy or almond milk instead of just water, and peanut butter or walnuts for some added protein. Fruit and raisins are other great options for your oatmeal. To spice it up, try some cinnamon! Oatmeal is also a great to-go food. You can pack your favorite mix in a bag or Tupperware, throw in a bowl at work, and heat up in the microwave with some water. Done!


PB & Banana

Peanut butter and banana is a great power combo! You can mix up peanut butter and banana in a smoothie with some soy milk and ice, or spread across a bagel. GIve it a try, and see how you'll wake right up, ready to face the day! (If going with the smoothie, go a little light on the peanut butter!)


Fruit and Granola

If you find a yummy granola that doesn't have too much honey or added sugar, you've found gold! Mix some nonfat, plain yogurt in with your favorite granola, top with extra berries and bananas, and you've got a parfait for breakfast. Again, cinnamon will give it an added kick!



Who says you can't have lunch for breakfast? Whip up a quick turkey and cheese English Muffin, or try something you'd usually have for lunch early. You might just find that your body likes the switch-up, and the extra protein in the morning. Usually, breakfast foods pack more carbs than protein!

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Cereal is a great starter for breakfast, and you can add to it! After you pour in your soy or almond milk, toss in some fresh fruit. It'll keep your cereal interesting, and pack you some extra vitamins. Find your favorite combos - I bet there isn't one you won't like! What isn't more childhood-like than waking up and seeing several cereal flavor options on your counter... it's like being a kid all over again!


Bagel & Cream Cheese

All right, I know this one isn't too healthy, but I still think it deserves to be included. A bagel and cream cheese is like the classic quick, before-work breakfast. Allow yourself to indulge in this one sometimes. Ways to cut it: eat half a bagel, buy lower fat cream cheese, or try with cottage cheese and a whole-grain bagel.

So there you have it! Get up, bright eyes and start your day with a meal. What's your favorite breakfast food?

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They all look good😋

Looking good, but cereal in general are not healthy at all.

Tired of the high protein diets trend. Not healthy.

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