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Hate Water? Eat These Foods for Hydration Instead ...

By Eliza

You know that you need a certain amount of fluids each day, but maybe you aren’t a huge fan of water. Fortunately, water isn’t the only way to satisfy your fluid quota each day. Many foods are full of water, which are a great way to help keep your body hydrated even if you have a hard time getting enough water down the hatch each day. Add these foods to your meal plan and you’ll be healthy and well hydrated at the same time. Perfect!

1 Stock Your Fridge with Celery

Stock Your Fridge with CeleryNot only is celery tasty and low in calories, but it’s mostly water, which makes it a yummy choice if you don’t want another glass of water. In fact, experts at Health magazine say that celery is nearly 96 percent water. Celery is also rich in fiber and other nutrients that you need to stay healthy so it makes a prime addition to your diet. Dip it in low-fat ranch for some flavor.

2 Eat a Grapefruit for Breakfast

Eat a Grapefruit for BreakfastA grapefruit is one of my favorite thing to eat in the morning. They taste great and are packed with vitamin C, which supports a healthy immune system. At about 90 percent water, grapefruit are a clear choice for boosting your fluid intake. Eating a grapefruit for breakfast starts the day out right and helps rehydrate you after a long night of sleeping.

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3 Slice up a Cucumber Today

Slice up a Cucumber TodayI love to pair sliced cucumbers with my sandwich at lunchtime. They are crunchy enough to replace potato chips and contain almost 97 percent water. Obviously, eating cucumbers is a no-brainer when it comes to staying hydrated when water is something you don’t enjoy. You can even add cucumber slices to your water to give it some flavor and punch of the hydration benefits.

4 Tomatoes Are a Delicious Choice

Tomatoes Are a Delicious ChoiceTomatoes are great on their own with some salt and pepper, but you can also add them to a salad or a sandwich for some additional water during your day. Tomatoes are about 94 percent water so you can count on them to help you meet your fluid intake for the day. Cooked tomatoes are also beneficial, though some of the moisture cooks out of them as they are heated.

5 Watermelon is the Perfect Snack

Watermelon is the Perfect SnackWhen you’re looking for a hydrating snack that tastes great, watermelon is your choice. True to its name, watermelon is mostly water, at about 92 percent water. It will help you fulfill your daily fluid quota, but it also tastes really good so you shouldn’t have any trouble including watermelon in your meal plan. Yum!

6 Have a Spinach Salad for Lunch Today

Have a Spinach Salad for Lunch TodaySpinach is almost 92 percent water, but it still packs a whole load of nutrition at the same time. It contains fiber, vitamin E and antioxidants, which help you stay healthy while also helping you get your fluids. Have a salad that contains spinach, cucumbers and tomatoes and you get a whole lot of water without having to drink it. Awesome!

7 Go Exotic with Some Star Fruit

Go Exotic with Some Star FruitIf you’ve never had star fruit, it’s time to change that. It’s about 91 percent water and has a unique flavor you won’t find in any other kinds of fruit. It’s a really fun way to satisfy your fluid quota and try something new at the same time.

Which of these foods will you eat for water? What other ways to ensure that you get enough fluids?

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