9 Health Benefits of Dried Figs for Your Diet ...


Certain health benefits of dried figs can improve your health, weight, and your mood. While dates and raisins are popular choices, figs have much to offer and shouldn’t be ignored. Did I mention they’re also incredibly tasty? Figs have a sweet, almost caramel-like taste to them and a far better flavor than dates. They’re also higher in fiber, lower in calories, and an overall better source of nutrients. Considering that dried figs are affordable, easy to find, and easy to use in recipes, there’s just no reason not to add them into your diet. Pick up a bag of organic dried figs at your local supermarket and nosh up to reap the benefits of dried figs with just a few bites.

1. Alkaline-Forming

One of the main benefits of eating dried figs is they promote an alkaline environment in the body, which is important to prevent acidity that leads to inflammation. Some processed dried fruits actually promote inflammation but figs are the exception. An alkaline body helps improve your energy and overall health.

Good for Your Hormones
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