The Essential Ingredients for Super Silky Smoothies Every Time ...


The Essential Ingredients for Super Silky Smoothies Every Time ...
The Essential Ingredients for Super Silky Smoothies Every Time ...

There’s no doubt that smoothies are a fantastic way to get a delicious hit of nutrition. A smoothie that is thick and creamy is fun to make and delicious to eat. If you use the right ingredients a smoothie will keep you full for longer – staving off those pesky cravings – and deliver what your body needs to keep functioning healthily.

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Yogurt Yogurt is an absolute go to when it comes to getting the silkiest, creamiest smoothies. If you want to avoid dairy then almond or coconut yogurt is a perfect alternative.


Vegetable Puree

Vegetable Puree Any variety of vegetable puree like butternut squash, carrot, pumpkin or sweet potato makes for a dense yet soft and smooth consistency. Sweet potato smoothies can taste like ice cream!



Avocado The flavor of avocado is easy to hide if it isn’t your favorite, but the texture of the fruit helps to make a nice creamy smoothie base that is the perfect consistency.


Frozen Fruit

Frozen Fruit Frozen fruit is the key to getting thick, milkshake like smoothies every single time. Obviously banana is the perfect starting point, but you can also experiment with mango, apple or peach.


Milk Ice Cubes

Milk Ice Cubes A little bit of advance preparation can make such a difference, as making milk ice cubes to use can add a lot of creaminess to which every smoothie you make. And you don’t have to just use cow’s milk. There are now so many non-diary milks.


Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese If dairy is something that you do eat, then half a cup of cottage cheese is an easy way to get both protein and thick creaminess in to your daily smoothie.


Coconut Flesh

Coconut Flesh Coconut flesh is wonderful for thickening your smoothie because it is super soft and super gelatinous. You can buy frozen coconut flesh to make it last longer.


Nut and Seed Butters

Nut and Seed Butters Nut and seed butters including cashew, almond, hemp, sunflower and hazelnut are a wonderful base for making a plant-based smoothie just the right texture.


Silken Tofu

Silken Tofu The clue is in the name when it comes to silken tofu! It is dense, rich and soft, and it is the perfect creamy addition for a plant based smoothie.


Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds Chia seeds are incredibly popular in the world of smoothie making, and can be best added by making a smooth chia gel.


Flax Seeds

Flax Seeds Flax seeds are a great source of omega-3 and fiber, and are also very effective at thickening liquids, which make them the perfect choice for a creamy smoothie.


Soaked Nuts

Soaked Nuts Nuts contains all of the healthy fats and nutrients that you would want in a smoothie, so to make sure your drink stays extra smooth, make sure to soak your cashews, almonds or macadamias beforehand.


Gluten Free Flour

Gluten Free Flour Gluten free flours like coconut, almond, tapioca, amaranth, rice and chickpea are perfect adding creaminess to your smoothies.


Rolled Oats

Rolled Oats Because of their soluble fiber, rolled oats a perfect for a breakfast smoothie, making it nice and thick and filling.



Jam Jams are a great way to thicken and sweeten smoothies. One spoonful of seedless raspberry, seedless strawberry, peach, apricot or any other flavor will do the trick.



Quinoa Many people see quinoa as the ultimate ingredient when it comes to meal replacement smoothies because of its ideal texture and delicious flavor.


Psyllium Husk

Psyllium Husk It might sound bizarre, but psyllium husk is a great source of soluble fiber that can be bought either pre-ground or in handy powder form.

Now you have no excuse not to have a silky creamy smoothie every time. What are you favorite smoothie ingredients?

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I feed my son fruit and vegetable purees the silky smooth texture food is a must for young babies now when it's time to feed my son I'll make some more for me too a great puree to try is mango, banana, peaches it's a smooth and silky texture too


I love smoothies, they're so quick and tasty! I always like to put vanilla soy milk it makes them even tastier!

I would add fruit pulp ! It's yummy and full of nutrients..

I don't do smoothies cos I don't like the texture. I wonder if trying some of these will make them nicer. 

I never thought of using some of these. I lack imagination obviously. 

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