7 Healthy Foods That Boost Your Brain Power ...


If you’re looking for foods that boost your brain power, you’ve come to the right place! There is no doubt that there are some powerful foods out there that are great for everything from revving up your metabolism to helping your brain get a boost. Yes, foods can be very powerful, so it’s important to choose nutrient dense foods that help you function optimally. Get to know some of these seven foods that boost your brain power and get the most out of your meals!

1. Avocados


If you love avocados like I do, you’re probably very happy to hear that this creamy fruit is one of the awesome foods that boost brain power. Avocados are superstars because they taste heavenly and contain beneficial monounsaturated fat, which promotes healthy blood flow for a healthy mind. They’re also high in fiber, vitamins and protein so they make a great snack. Although they’re a little high in calories, you can feel free to add up to ½ an avocado to a meal or snack each day.

Dark Chocolate
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