9 Healthy Soda Alternatives That Will Have You Kick Your Habit for Good ...


If you are thinking about giving up soda, there are many healthy soda alternatives to choose from. Regular soda has absolutely no benefits, is loaded with processed sugars and unnatural flavorings, and can leech calcium from your bones. These are all problems if you want to stay healthy. Also, if you consume diet soda, these will be great healthy soda alternatives. Diet soda is packed with artificial flavors that have been shown to cause many ailments from weight gain to rotting teeth to even cancer! These alternatives are just as tasty, and will not have any harmful effects.

1. Coconut Water

Coconut Water

This is one of the best healthy soda alternatives, because it boasts positive health benefits while getting rid of negative ones. Coconut water has been shown to boost your metabolism, improve digestion with its enzymes, and is full of natural electrolytes. If that weren’t enough, coconut water can actually increase your energy levels and help prevent diseases! This is because coconut water has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties to help stave off diseases from your body. You can drink it straight from a young Thai coconut or buy the boxed variety at your local grocery store.

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