Here's What to Drink when You Want to Give up Soda but Hate Water ...


Water is the very best liquid to rehydrate with. We should be drinking 8 glasses of water every day to help our body function and to help us stay healthy. But what if you prefer soda? What if you don’t like water? It’s hard to give up soda, especially if you think the only alternative is something you don’t like. The next time you reach for a can of soda – think again and try something delicious and healthy instead. Like these:

1. Fruit Juice with Soda Water

Fruit Juice with Soda Water

You will always benefit a lot from eating fruit, but you can prepare your own fruit drinks as well. A combination of fruit juice and soda water will work great if you're dying for something fizzy and sweet. Simply mix fruit juice and soda water in a 50/50 ratio, but be sure to avoid juice brands with added sugar.

Black Tea
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