Make 'Em Green with Envy: 48 Cocktails That Look and Taste Marvelous ...

It's fun to mix things up during cocktail hour by serving something you've never made before. Green drinks are certainly unique, aren't they? Despite not seeing them on bar menus often. you can easily make them at home to share with your friends. Need more proof? Here you go!

1. Sour Spicy Green Apple Margarita

Source: 12 Winter Party Cocktails

2. For Your St. Patrick's Day Party

Source: Green Cocktail Drinks for Your

3. Hpnotiq Breeze

Source: Hpnotiq Breeze - Mix That


Source: DIY Disney Magical Drinks: The

5. The Shamrock-arita

6. The Green Hornet

Source: Green Cocktails: The Green Hornet

7. Emerald City

Source: Emerald City | Hampton Roads

8. Sparkling Shamrock Cocktail

Source: Cocktail Recipes - Sparkling Shamrock

9. Wicked Elixir

Source: Elphaba's "Wicked" Elixir ⋆ Slim

10. Lucky Leprechaun

Source: The Lucky Leprechaun Cocktail

11. The “Seahawk’s” Cocktail

Source: Super Bowl Cocktails & broncos

12. Green Apple Martini

Source: Green Apple Martini : Food

13. Tropical Leprechaun

Source: Tropical Leprechaun Drink

14. Warp Pipe

Source: Community Post: Video Game Cocktails

15. Sour Green Apple Jalapeno Margaritas

Source: Heather Christo - Eat Well

16. Sparkling Clover Charm

Source: St. Patrick’s Day Cocktail Recipes

17. Lucky Charm


18. Sonic "Screwdrivers"

Source: The sci-fi spirit | Knuckle

19. Midori Splice

Source: Green Cocktail Drinks for Your

20. The Green Arrow

Source: Get Drunk Every Day Of

21. Matcha Mint Iced Tea

Source: matcha mint iced tea recipe

22. Garnish the Glass Rims with Green or Blue Sugar

Source: Kiwi Blueberry Mojito – Laylita’s

23. Sparkling Shamrock Champagne

Source: Sparkling Shamrock Champagne Cocktail

24. Matcha Mint Juleps

Source: The Bojon Gourmet: Matcha Mint

25. Irish Peppermint Pattie

Source: Irish Peppermint Pattie | Hampton

26. Green Eyes

Source: Green Eyes | Cocktail Recipes

27. Ice Cream, Crème De Menthe, Crème De Cacao, and a Pile of Whipped Cream

Source: Grasshopper | SAVEUR

28. Sour Apple and Pear Sparkling Sangria

Source: My Life as a Mrs

29. Spicy Green BLT Bloody Mary

Source: Heather Christo - Eat Well

30. Leprechaun Coolers

Source: Leprechaun Coolers

31. Tomatillo Bloody Mary

Source: Tomatillo Bloody Mary | SAVEUR

32. Melon Ecstasy


33. Merry Mint Shooter

Source: Merry Mint Shooter

34. Green Eyed Lady

Source: Green Eyed Lady | Hampton

35. Green Dinosaur

Source: Green Dinosaur | Hampton Roads

36. Cucumber and Green Tea Mojito

Source: Cucumber & Green Tea Mojito

37. St. Patty's Day Green Cocktail

Source: St. Patty's Day Green Cocktail

38. A Summer Dream

Source: A Summer Dream | Cocktail

39. Key Lime Margarita

Source: Cinco de Mayo Margarita Recipe

40. Toby Keith's Swamp Water ...

Source: Toby Keith Serves Up ‘Swamp

41. Green Flash

Source: Club Med Bahamas- Green Flash

42. Green Tea Gimlet

Source: Green Tea Gimlet Cocktail

43. Honeydew Melon Martini

Source: Super Cocktails – Honeydew Melon

44. St. Patrick’s Day Punch

Source: St. Patrick's Day Punch

45. Super Fine Sugar on the Rim

Source: Fresh Fruit Recipe: Monster Mash


Source: Halloween Entertaining: Ghoulishly Green Cocktails

47. Green Dragon

Source: Tasty Tongue: Wedding Day Cocktails

48. Totally Tropical

Source: Green Izak

Do you see one that is making your mouth water? Let me know how it tastes!

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