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Homemade Coffee Pot Cider Perfect for Fall Weather ...

By Leiann

To me, the only good part of the fall season is cider! How about you? Whether hot or chilled, on a warm day or cool night, cider is good...some people even like when their cider is spiked!

Would you like to know how to make your own cider? Watch this!

All ingredients may be found at the local dollar store. At grocery stores, cider is so expensive. Make your own delicious cider and save money!

If you have a good 'ol coffee maker, you are set! Just place most everything in a coffee filter then the remaining in the back where the water would normally go. Voila! Just as tasty as buying fresh from an orchard. Sure, we like to keep local orchards making a profit, but if you need to save money, you need to save money.

Thanks for watching!

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