The Best ✌️ Cheap 💰 Coffee ☕️ for Girls 👩 on a Budget ...

Whether you like iced or hot, coffee habits can get expensive. The following YouTube video shows you just which one to purchase for a delicious and frugal cup.

1. Dunkin Donuts

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This was the winner! Although, I, myself, find $7.99 each bag in most grocery stores to still be a pretty penny.

2. Cafe Bustelo

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In grocery stores near myself, this is sold in square bricks. Very affordable, but I have never tasted it.

3. Folgers

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Frugal as one may buy in huge canisters, but I really do not like the flavor.

4. Starbucks

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Way too expensive and way too strong.

Although the ratings were from the video, I gave my 2 cents worth.

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