How to Drink Champagne like a Lady ...


There’s an art to drinking champagne and it applies whatever the occasion. If you want to quaff champagne like an It girl and not chug it like a bar hugger, this is what you need to know.

1. There’s a Way to Hold Your Glass like a Lady

If you want to know how to drink champagne without looking like a cheap gold digger out to snare a millionaire, use the right type of glass for the occasion and know how to hold it. Use a white wine glass, which has a larger bowl than a champagne flute. This enables the sparkling nectar to open up its full flavor and aroma in the glass, allowing you to appreciate fully the complexity of the champagne. Champagne flutes may showcase bubbles to better effect, but a real lady isn't looking for effect, she's looking for substance. Hold the glass by the stem only, or your hands will warm up the champagne and spoil its aroma. Only fill up the glass by one third to allow bubbles to expand; also, a full glass will warm up too quickly.

Learn How to Open a Champagne Bottle Correctly
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