How to Make 7 Unique Batches of Cupcakes ...


Everybody loves cupcakes, but it's tiring to eat the same old kind again and again during every birthday and holiday party. That's why you should set out to learn some new recipes that will shake things up. If you create something that none of your friends have ever tried before, they'll be impressed by your baking skills, and isn't that what you want? If it is, here are a few unique batches of cupcakes that you can whip up for a special occasion:

1. Piรฑata Cupcakes

These are just about the coolest cupcakes you could ever make. On the outside, they look just like any other cupcake. However, they're actually filled with candy! All you have to do is create a cupcake, pull out the center of your cupcake with a cookie cutter, fill it with candy, and then place the top back on it. It looks like a difficult thing to make, but it's actually super easy!

Skittles Cupcakes
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