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23 Gorgeous Christmas Cookies for Cooks Who Want to Impress ...

By Eliza

Santa Claus will be here before we know it and he's going to want cookies and milk. Get yourself ready by baking something new and fancy that the big guy has never had before. Of course, these are all perfect for your annual cookie swap too.

1 Christmas Swirl Sugar Cookies

pink,fashion accessory,art,food,dessert,Source:
Santa will really get in the spirit with these.

2 Snowflake Sugar Cookies

food,dessert,icing,sugar paste,cake decorating,Source: Snowflake Sugar Cookies Annie's Eats
I bet Santa has never seen snowflakes this color before.

Jolanda can I get this recipe plz ...

3 Chocolate Swirls

food,dessert,dish,produce,baked goods,Source: 22 Best Christmas Cookie Recipes
Even Santa can't get enough chocolate at Christmas.

4 Cool Mint and Rich Dark Chocolate

food,green,dessert,produce,icing,Source: Chocolate-Mint Thumbprints
These look pretty tasty, don't they?

5 Happy Snowmen

snowman,food,cake,dessert,cuisine,Source: Christmas Cupcakes Dessert Ideas Baking
Santa will definitely smile when he sees these cookies.

6 Eggnog Truffles

You'll never regret making a big batch of these.

7 Fancy Ornaments

food,dessert,icing,gingerbread,snack food,Source: How to Marble or
Won't Santa feel special when you put these out for him?

8 White Chocolate Rocky Road with Marshmallows, Pistachios, Macadamias and Cranberries

food,produce,dessert,dish,buttercream,Source: White Chocolate Rocky Road
This is festive to look at and delicious to eat.

9 Candy Cane Cookies

Think Santa will love these?

10 Fancy Christmas Ornament Cookies

Santa will love you forever if you leave these out on Christmas Eve.

11 Glitter Cookies

macaroon,food,dessert,chocolate truffle,dish,Source: 50 Best Cookie Recipes
Make Christmas just a little bit better with these glittery cookies.

12 Christmas Pecan Balls

food,powdered sugar,dish,dessert,baked goods,Source: Christmas Pecan Balls (Snowballs)
Santa is going to drool over these yummy cookies.

13 Fancy Frosted Mittens

art,food,fashion accessory,pattern,dessert,Source:
You can't go wrong with these red and white cookies.

14 Merry Little Reindeer

dessert,gingerbread,food,reindeer,deer,Source: Gilded Reindeer and Santa Cookies
Do you think Santa will share these with his reindeer?

15 Blue Christmas Ornament Cookies

blue,food,dessert,icing,snack food,Source: Advent 7: Kersthanger koekjes
Try a fun blue color scheme to really impress Santa this year.

16 Shut the Front Door

red,pink,food,dessert,christmas,Source: The Enchanted Home
Everyone, even Santa, will love these cookies.

17 A Little Bit of Everything

food,dessert,snack food,christmas,confectionery,Source:
Santa won't know which one of these to eat first.

18 Stacked Tree Cookies

food,dish,dessert,icing,buttercream,Source: 12 Recipes Of Food and
You'll really make Santa's night with a couple of these yummy treats.

19 Chocolate Peppermint Surprise Cookies:

food,dessert,chocolate brownie,dish,chocolate cake,Source: 100 Christmas Holiday Cookie Ideas
Everyone loves a surprise!

20 Cookie Hot Chocolate Mugs

food,dessert,plant,produce,baked goods,Source: 16 Cookies That Can Literally
Aren't these adorable?

21 Cute Little Melting Snowmen Marshmallow Cookies

food,cupcake,dessert,cake,cookie,Source: Cookies for Santa
Adorable, aren't they?

22 White Chocolate-Dipped Ginger Cookies

food,cookie,dessert,cookies and crackers,baked goods,Source: 20 Utterly Delicious Ways To
These aren't your average Christmas sugar cookies.

23 Fancy Dipped Oreos

food,dessert,icing,heart,snack food,Source:
The iconic sandwich cookie gets a makeover with this fun idea.

Do you leave cookies for Santa? Which of these are you planning to leave out this year?

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