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Perfect Inspo for How to Win the Pantry Challenge ...

By Leiann

Want to learn how to win the pantry challenge? United States citizens waste from 25% to 40% of the food that they buy. We really need to do pantry challenges regularly. What is a pantry challenge? A pantry challenge is when you use up every item in your pantry, freezer, fridge and cupboards. You literally grocery shop in your very own kitchen. Here's how to win the pantry challenge.

1 Length of Duration

A pantry challenge can last whatever amount of time you like - a week, a month, etc. All of this depends on circumstances. No grocery money to spend and too much food in the house are two great chances to learn how to win the pantry challenge.

2 Your "why"

What is your ultimate why for the pantry challenge? This is very important and motivational. Do you need money for a summer vacation? Do you owe a lot for bills? Need an emergency fund? Wanting to give to a charity? Need to organize? Do you want to reduce waste? If you do not use it up now, the food will expire and end up in the garbage bin. I don't know about you, but I hate to waste food (and money!).


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3 An Exception

One exception: Set aside money to cover fresh milk and bread and other must-need groceries.

4 Meal Plan

I emphasize to do meal plan after meal plan. What is the best use of food on hand? It will require you to come up with new meal recipes, even from scratch. Need some inspiration? Log onto: and type in your available pantry items. Up will appear different recipes to choose from, using such ingredients.

5 Printable Inventory Sheet

The following is a pantry challenge inventory sheet printable to help you:

6 Disliked Food

Now you are going to know what not to buy in the future!

7 Comfort Food

Now that spring is here, our pantries are still stocked with comfort food ingredients leftover from winter. Use them up! Summer is almost here! Cookouts and picnics await.

8 Coupons

Learn to only clip coupons for food you will actually use. If using coupons to stockpile, use items solely to give to those in need.

Think of just how much better that kitchen of yours and all of that once forgotten food is going to be! Organized, appreciated and eaten! No longer are you the poor girl with no grocery money... you are the frugal girl with a knack for being creative. You go, girl!


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