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Video Guide to Make Potato Salad without Peeling Potatoes ...

By Leiann

When I make potato salad, I like to keep the skin on, as I am too lazy to peel and hey, the skin has all those good nutrients. So, why not leave the skin on? Then, years ago, I bought a RIchard Simmons cookbook at a yard sale. In his cookbook is his Mother's potato salad recipe. In his cookbook, she feels the same as me...Why not leave the skin on?

So, watch the following YouTube video for an easy tutorial!

Published on Jan 27, 2013

Of course, you can tweak this recipe to your liking...

Instead of boiling on a hot stove, I microwave the potatoes.

I do not use hard-boiled eggs. I do not use chives. I do like the idea of using bacon, but I use bacon bits. I do use mayonnaise. I do use a little sour cream.

The YouTube video tutorial is good to follow if you are single. Preparing for a lot of people? Just multiply the ingredients. Super for a gathering of any sort. People love their potatoes! A comfort food all year round. Economical as you can grab a 5 pound bag for a few dollars at the local grocery store.

Are you craving some potato salad now? Me too! I hope you like!

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