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Soup You Can Make in an RV ...

By Leiann

This summer, are you making road trips in an RV? This recipe for soup you can make in an RV is easy to follow in close quarters with just a few ingredients.

JoAnna M. Lund lost over 100 pounds by tweaking her own recipes. She has tons of cookbooks that may be found online with her personal recipes.

JoAnna made this version of soup after having eaten something similar at an upscale New York restaurant.

Here is the tutorial for soup you can make in an RV.

Stew Oleson
Published on Jul 20, 2013

In review, all you need is:

1 Ground Sirloin Made in Patties

2 Mushrooms


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3 Great Northern Beans

4 Can of Beef Broth

5 Bisquick

6 Parsley

In a medium-size boiling pot, break up a ground sirloin patty and brown.
Throw in some mushrooms.
Then, some great northern beans.
In a jar, pour in beef broth, Bisquick and parsley. Shake to mix.
Pour jar mixture into boiling pot.
Finish browning.

Sounds good, huh?

Have a good hearty comfort food while traveling, making you feel like you are right at home in your own kitchen. This recipe can save you a little money too, as you can skip buying an expensive dinner out.

All of JoAnna's recipes are simple. Personally, I own her cookbook "Party Fare" for party food and "A Potful of Recipes" for the crockpot. I want to buy her microwave cookbook next. Any of her cookbooks can be found on eBay, gently used, at a rather small cost. A super investment.

Happy summer and happy cooking!

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