9 Ingredients in Your Pantry That Can Give You Clear Skin ...


If acne or a recent breakout has you all in a tizzy, just turn to a few pantry ingredients for clear skin instead of opting for those pricey creams and gels that just leave your skin dry, and usually don’t work that well anyway. One of my favorite things about holistic health is how everyday foods are seen as medicinal, starting with how they influence your skin, along with your weight, mood and hormones. Our skin’s health starts with what we put on our forks, and whether you intend to or not, you either feed yourself clear skin or poor skin. The best part is, most inexpensive pantry ingredients for clear skin are found in most people’s homes. The key is to use these great ingredients in place of skin-disrupting foods like white flour, white sugar, excess sodium, processed foods and fats from refined oils or vegetable oils. Those foods all trigger breakouts, while certain foods in your pantry can actually heal and prevent blemishes from starting. As a bonus, they also help to keep wrinkles at bay, and are great for your mood, hormones and your weight. Eat up!

1. Turmeric


Turmeric’s bright glowing orange color should tell you it is one of the best pantry ingredients for clear skin of all. Most natural, whole foods that are vibrant in color like this special spice are visual evidence of the high antioxidant content. Turmeric is abundant in antioxidants that repair skin cells and detox the liver from harmful toxins that influence poor skin to begin with. Turmeric also increases blood flow to give you a healthy glow, and reduces inflammation to fight acne and wrinkles. You’ll find turmeric in most curry powders, but you can simply use plain turmeric anywhere you like. I enjoy it over fish, salads, roasted veggies, in hot tea, and in my homemade salad dressing ingredients.

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