9 Interesting Facts about Almonds I Bet You Didn't Know Yet ...


Almonds are one of the best healthy treats you can eat, and I bet you didnโ€™t know a few other interesting facts about almonds that also make them a pretty unique, amazing food. I like to tell people who are trying to learn to eat healthy to learn to embrace about 14-20 natural almonds with a piece of fruit as a simple, tasty afternoon snack. This curbs the sweet and savory tooth, and provides the body with protein, antioxidants, natural carbohydrates and plenty of magnesium and fiber. Magnesium is a great nutrient and reason to eat almonds because it calms the nervous system, regulates the digestive tract and relieves stress, along with enhancing energy levels. Magnesium also increases your bone health as well. Almonds also contain Vitamin E so they are great for your skin too. Besides all of that though, check out these facts about almonds that arenโ€™t so commonly known. Now youโ€™ll appreciate the amazing little pieces of nature in a whole new light!

1. Almonds Are a Seed

Did you know one of the most interesting facts about almonds of all is they arenโ€™t technically a nut at all? Nope, thatโ€™s right! Almonds are actually a seed. They are actually the seed of a flower and are botanically related to roses and orchids. In fact, in the early spring, almonds are released when the petals of the trees push up on the branches where the blooms used to be, and almonds flourish and fall from the trees. Almonds are still referred to as a tree nut, however, since they resemble nuts and are produced from trees like other nuts.

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