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It's a Wrap 7 Tips for Building a Healthy Wrap Sandwich ...

By Eliza

Tired of the same old peanut butter and jelly at lunchtime? Shake things up by making a wrap sandwich. They can be made in a huge multitude of ways so you wind up with a noon time meal that is delicious. Now, let’s talk about health. Just like with anything, a wrap sandwich can quickly become a diet bomb if you don’t take measures to keep it healthy and nutritious. Enjoy your wrap guilt-free by using the following tips when you roll it up.

1 Skip the White Tortilla and Have a Whole Wheat One Instead

Skip the White Tortilla and Have a Whole Wheat One InsteadThere isn’t really much flavor difference in a white tortilla versus a whole wheat one, but the health impact is huge. Look for 100% whole wheat tortillas, which are much higher in fiber than the white version. This translates to a more filling wrap sandwich, which means less chance of hitting the vending machine because you get ravenous between meals.

2 Back Away from the Jar of Mayonnaise

Back Away from the Jar of MayonnaiseIt might taste delightful, but mayo is one of the highest calorie condiments and can ruin an otherwise low-calorie wrap. There are lots of other ways to add flavor to your wrap without ruining your health goals. How about good old yellow mustard? Or you could try a smear of horseradish spread or some mashed avocado.

3 Fill It with a Huge Variety of Veggies

Fill It with a Huge Variety of VeggiesVeggies are a prime source of fiber, which digests slowly, satisfying your appetite for longer. That makes them the perfect choice for your wrap. Think cucumbers, tomatoes, sprouts, spinach, red onion, bell peppers and shredded carrots. Each adds color and taste as well as fiber and you want a yummy wrap, right? Mix and match your favorites.

4 Forget Fried Fillings and Have Grilled Ones Instead

Forget Fried Fillings and Have Grilled Ones InsteadOne of the best wraps I’ve ever had was filled with chicken nuggets. While it was tasty, I know it’s not a healthy choice on a day to day basis. A much better choice would be leftover grilled chicken breast. Leftover grilled steak or pork chops also make yummy fillings. If all else fails, opt for lean lunch meat instead of fatty bologna or fried nuggets.

5 Slide Some Pickles in There

Slide Some Pickles in TherePickles are delicious because they are salty and tangy, but they also add crunch and texture to your wrap for very few calories. Pickles pair really well with lots of other ingredients and make your wrap interesting so you are satisfied without overdoing it. Any pickled item works, including peppers or jalapenos. Just practice moderation since most pickles have quite a bit of salt.

6 Never, Ever Use Processed Cheese Because Fresh is Way Better

Never, Ever Use Processed Cheese Because Fresh is Way BetterNo more American cheese singles for you! Processed cheese is far higher in fat, calories and salt than fresh cheeses. If you ask me, the fresh versions taste better anyway. Choose a cheese that has an intense flavor because then you only need a small bit to load your wrap with taste, while keeping calorie intake down. Try sharp Cheddar, Gouda or goat cheese. Yum!

7 Stay Away from the Huge Tortillas

Stay Away from the Huge TortillasEven a healthy wrap can be too high in calories if it’s too big. Instead of grabbing those huge tortillas, stick with the smaller fajita size ones. I promise that you’ll feel satisfied and you’ll be able to enjoy your lunch guilt-free at the same time. Portion control is the key to a nutritious lunch that allows you to control your weight.

What do you put in your wrap sandwiches? I love shredded chicken, cheese, beans, avocado and salsa. Which of these tips will you use next time you make a wrap?

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