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Refreshing Lemonade Recipes Perfect for Your 4th of July Party ...

By Eliza

Lemonade recipes are the perfect answer to hot summer days when you get super parched just hanging around. And that includes when you're lounging in the backyard on the 4th of July. Luckily, this is a drink that is super easy to prepare so you can go from thirsty to satisfied in just minutes. Check out these tasty lemonade recipes and you’ll see what I mean.

1 Raspberry Peach Lemonade

drink, juice, bay breeze, non alcoholic beverage, cocktail garnish,The blend of raspberries and peaches is delightful and this lemonade proves it. What better way to battle the heat of the summer than with a sweet treat like this one?

2 Pineapple Mango Lemonade

drink, juice, lemonade, non alcoholic beverage, punch,Here's a drink that will make you feel like you're on a tropical getaway. Pineapple and mango taste their best during the summer so it makes sense to serve this any chance you get.


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3 Cucumber Lemonade

drink, lemonade, cucumber, non alcoholic beverage, health shake,There's something so refreshing about cucumbers and when you combine them with lemonade, you get a summer drink that you'll want to have all the time.

4 Sparkling Orange Lemonade

drink, juice, non alcoholic beverage, orange drink, cocktail garnish,This concoction is going to quickly become your favorite. It has a slight fizz and the addition of orange makes it something really special. Make extra because it's going to go fast.

5 Cherry Pineapple Lemonade

drink, cocktail garnish, non alcoholic beverage, mai tai, cocktail,Nothing says summertime like fresh, tart cherries and this lemonade recipe lets you showcase that flavor in the best way. Combined with the pineapple, you have a great drink on your hands.

6 Thyme Lemonade

drink, juice, limeade, lemon lime, non alcoholic beverage,If you want something a bit different, but still refreshing, this is the recipe for you. Thyme and lemon are often used together in cooking and their surprising combination in this frosty lemonade is mouthwatering.

7 Disney's Violet Lemonade

juice, drink, smoothie, mason jar, lemonade,If they serve in Disney World, you know it's got to be good. This copycat recipe will make you feel just like you're in the land of Mickey, even when you're just sitting in your own backyard.

8 Strawberry Lemon LIme Lemonade

drink, juice, cocktail, non alcoholic beverage, punch,With so many great flavors packed into one glass, this sweet drink is going to quickly become your go to. It's also a great color and so easy to make.

9 Hot Pink Lemonade

Hot Pink LemonadeNot only does this lemonade taste refreshing and delicious, but it has a really fun color too. This is one of the best lemonade recipes to serve at parties and you may even find yourself craving a glass when the weather outside isn’t hot.

10 Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade

Sparkling Strawberry LemonadeStrawberry lemonade is a popular favorite and is super easy to make. And it’s the perfect summertime combination since berries are in season during the hot months. You’re going to love this great concoction.

11 Carrot Lemonade

Carrot LemonadeIt might sound strange, but carrots are surprisingly sweet, so this combination is actually quite tasty. And the orange color of the carrots leaves you with a drink that is a delightfully bright shade. Perfect for summer!

12 Sour Cherry Lemonade

Sour Cherry LemonadeIf you love lemonade that makes you pucker, this is a great recipe to try. The combination of sour cherries and lemonade is perfect for you tart lemonade lovers. The color can’t be beat either.

13 Blackberry Melon Lemonade

Blackberry Melon LemonadeI love this lemonade because it combines the delicious flavors of two kinds of fruit, which gives it a really unique flavor. This is such a refreshing treat for a hot summer day and you’re going to want to keep a pitcher of it handy all the time.

14 Blueberry Mint Lemonade

Blueberry Mint LemonadeThe addition of mint to this recipe gives it a really refreshing flavor and it smells so good too. I love the way blueberries and lemon taste, so they add even more awesomeness to this recipe.

15 Coconut Lemonade

Coconut LemonadeI’m thinking about serving this for my next summer get-together. What could be better than the summery flavor and scent of coconut in a tall glass of fresh lemonade? Not a lot, I can tell you that.

Which one will you make first?

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