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7 Luscious Herbs You Can Grow Right in Your Kitchen ...

By Eliza

If you love to cook, it pays to know which herbs you can grow at home. This saves you money and gives you an easy way to ramp up the flavor of your recipes right at your fingertips. All you need are some small pots, some potting soil, seeds and a sunny place to grow your herbs. Some grow better than others, so check out this list of herbs you can grow at home and get ready for some yummy meals.

1 Basil

BasilBasil is one of the easiest herbs you can grow at home and it adds lots of flavor to spaghetti sauce, salad, pasta salad, pesto and even soup. There are many varieties, including lemon and mint flavors, so you’re sure to find one you love. Basil grows best in full sun, so your windowsill is the perfect place for it.

2 Rosemary

RosemaryI love to mix rosemary with garlic and spread it on pork chops before cooking. You can also use it to add flavor to chicken or fish, whether you grill or bake it. Rosemary grows best in full sunshine and it also needs lots of water. Watch it carefully to be sure the soil doesn’t get too dry or your rosemary stash might die. Rosemary also makes a great room fragrance. Gently rub the plant to release its scent.


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3 Parsley

ParsleyParsley has a mild flavor that makes it ideal for a variety of recipes. Mix it with ricotta cheese and make stuffed pasta shells with it. Sprinkle fresh parsley on cooked chicken marsala or vegetable pizza. Parsley adds a yummy bite to salads and dips too. Parsley is easy to care for, but make sure it doesn’t wilt or it might not bounce back. Give it some sun each day and water it before the soil gets dry.

4 Chives

ChivesChives are so yummy on a baked potato and they’re easy to grow at home too! Use chives to add elegance to any recipe, including fish, steak and chicken. Add chives to stir-fry or creamy dips. Make sure to keep your chives in a sunny and well-drained location. A small container is perfect for growing chives.

5 Dill

DillIf you love making homemade pickles, growing dill is perfect for you. It smells great too, so your kitchen will have a yummy fragrance each time you walk into it. Dill is also an ideal herb to use when cooking salmon and it tastes great mixed with plain yogurt and drizzled on gyros or cucumber salad. Grow dill in a bright, sunny place.

6 Thyme

ThymeThyme is perfect for adding flavor to chicken and it’s also a great ingredient for brining a turkey. It also tastes great mixed into a tomato salad or as a topping for grilled salmon. Thyme is a small plant and grows very well in an indoor location that gets lots of sun during the day.

7 Mint

MintYou might be skeptical of using mint for cooking. I was the same way until I tried it. Mint pairs well with mango, carrots and rice noodles in a summer roll. Top grilled vegetables with yogurt and mint or mix it into potato salad or pasta salad. Mint leaves also work well in a glass of iced tea.

What’s your favorite herb to grow and cook with? If you have a dehydrator, you can dry your fresh herbs for later use.

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