Delicious πŸ˜‹ Mashed Potato πŸ₯” Recipe Variations for Girls Who Want to Shake πŸ‘‹ Things up This Thanksgiving πŸ¦ƒ ...


Thanksgiving is almost here and if you're in charge of a side dish, any of these mashed potato recipe variations will definitely awe the crowd. Instead of bringing the same old bowl of lumpy, plain potatoes, try something with loads of flavor and tasty ingredients. Any of these mashed potato recipe variations is going to make you the star of the show this Thanksgiving.

1. Garlic and Chive Mashed Potatoes

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This recipe might be simple, but the difference in flavor, when compared to traditional mashed potatoes, makes this one of my favorite mashed potato recipe variations.


Oven Baked Mashed Potato Cakes
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