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5 Genius Ways to Crack Eggs Perfectly ...

By Glenys

When it comes to cooking, you wouldn’t think that something as simple seeming as cracking an egg would cause people so much trouble, but I’m here to tell you that it definitely does! The last thing anybody wants is bits of shell in their cake or their omelette, so the skill of mastering the perfect crack is something we should all be looking to learn! Here are five ways to crack eggs perfectly.

1 Flat Surface

, Hit the egg against a flat surface rather than the edge of the bowl in order to better control the tension of the break.

2 Centre

egg, dish, food, ingredient, mixture, If you do prefer to crack it on the rim of a bowl, always make sure to crack it right in the centre of the shell. It is the easiest way to ensure that you don’t have to contend with leakage and overflow on one side.

3 One-Handed

food, mixture, recipe, dish, For the perfect combination of control and strength and speed, it is always better to crack an egg with just one hand. Doing so with two might produce too much force and result in you smashing the shell rather than just neatly breaking it.

4 Knife

green, photograph, close up, finger, material, If you don’t want to bring the egg down on something, then turn the tables and bring something down on the egg instead. A knife is perfect for this motion, as you can do a quick chop with it in your hand to make a neat line of breakage.

5 Shell Scoop

cookware and bakeware, cooking, wok, cuisine, service, If you do happen to end up with some shell in your bowl of egg, the trick is to use a bigger piece of shell to fish it out. You will find the shell pieces stick much more easily together than trying with your fingers.

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