Meal Prep Tips All Lazy Girls Will Appreciate ...

By Becky

Meal Prep Tips All Lazy Girls Will Appreciate ...

If you're here, it's because you're looking for meal prep tips for lazy girls.

More and more people are moving towards adopting the traditional Sunday meal prep ritual to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Sometimes the amount of meal prep contained in pictures on your Instagram feed can become overwhelming and you may think to yourself “who really has time for that” or “I will never be able to be that disciplined”. Well let me let you in on a little secret from an experienced meal prepper - there is more than one way to do meal prep. I have chosen a lazier approach to meal prep. Check out my meal prep tips for lazy girls.

1 Break up Your Meal Prep

Meal prep is not one size fits all. Meal prep can be done in a multitude of ways, you just have to find the one that works for you. While some people with stricter schedules may do best with one day to prep for the whole week, that may not be realistic for others. For those who do not like the taste of meals that have been sitting in the fridge all week, prepping meals for every 3 days may be more feasible. For the lazy, like myself, meal prepping every day has kept my Sunday’s free for football and is one of my favorite meal prep tips for lazy girls.

2 Keep It Simple

Whether you prep for the whole week or do it every night, you can make your prep even easier by keeping your meals simple. Stick to keeping your foods relatively plain. More flavor means taking more time. For example, I eat most of my vegetables raw, pack protein bars and powder, use spices to add flavor to my food, and instant rice (measured out) is my best friend. In addition, I pick easy to cook proteins, such as chicken sausages (takes 4 minutes to make enough for the week), egg whites, chicken, and fish.

P.S.- Crockpots are awesome because you can cook a large quantity and not do a ton of work!

If you're aiming for a healthier lifestyle ladies, it's crucial to find satisfying meals that don't load you with unwanted calories. Check out these low calorie recipes that perfectly balance satisfaction and health. They'll keep you full, while assisting in maintaining your perfect figure. Be smart about your choices and enjoy your food without any guilt.

3 Cook Extra at Dinner Time

Before I leave for work I pull out whatever protein I am going to make for dinner to thaw. I always pull out extra so that I can have it in my lunch for the next day. The only extra work you are doing is thawing an extra piece. Why not, when you are cooking one anyway? Another great tip - if you buy larger pieces of protein than you can cut it in half, you have 2 proteins for 2 meals. For example, I usually need 3 oz of protein per meal so I buy a 6 oz piece of chicken and boom I have two proteins for two different meals!

4 Don’t Be Afraid to Eat the Same Thing

If you want to keep your meal prep as simple as possible then you have to be okay with, or at least be able to tolerate eating a lot of the same foods. Sticking to the same foods will make grocery shopping and meal prep much faster as you can cook more things in bulk. Not only that but you won’t have to waste time thinking about what you want to prep or buy. Are you one of those people that gets bored eating the same thing over and over? Try changing spices, cooking styles (maybe grill chicken one day or bake it the next), or mix up your carbohydrates (different fruits and veggies).

5 Stay Consistent

Whatever way you choose to attack meal prep just remember to stay consistent. Consistency is the most important and the most overlooked component to losing weight and being healthy. It may take a couple of days or weeks to get used to meal prepping but keep going, it gets better. If you find that it is hard to stay consistent with meal prep, try another method of attacking it as described above. If you are failing to prep on Sundays for the whole week, try breaking it up into 3 days if that works better. Finding it hard to keep up with 3 days? Try doing nightly meal prep. Just whatever you do, give it time and stay consistent.

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