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7 Meal Preps That Will Make Your Healthy Life so Much Easier ...

By Tara

Let’s face it, healthy eating is glorious because it helps you to achieve incredible results from your workouts but it takes time and preparation. So many motivated dieters fall off their food plan because of all the hard work it takes for them to prepare in advance. And in essence they give up! It is no wonder fast food is a multi-billion dollar industry but definitely not a reason for you to submit and throw in the towel to give up. Your body deserves more than that! As a mom of three with a fourth baby on the way, working full time, if I can create healthy dishes for my family every day I know you can too. Let me share with you how I get it done with meal preps that will make your healthy life so much easier!

1 Soup for the Soul

Soup for the SoulMake mealtime a cinch by cooking a vat of lentil soup or veggie soup in advance. Freeze and take along in a portable container and when meal time strikes, heat it up and enjoy. By planning this slimming soup in advance you can avoid having a diet downfall. Preparation is key to weight loss and health success so think ahead of the game!

2 Salad Additives

Salad AdditivesCut up peppers, cucumbers, strawberries and whatever other additives you enjoy in your salads. If you cut up all the ingredients in advance it will be easier the following day to create your healthy salad. Preparing in advance makes life simpler and this will help you to stay on track to your healthy, happy life!

3 Cut up Veggies

Cut up VeggiesChop up broccoli, peppers, tomatoes and celery so you have snacks ready to go. You can enjoy these veggies in a dip or use in your next stir fry. Prepare your veggies and never have to think of your next healthy snack again. If you open the refrigerator and it is there, you will eliminate the guesswork and stay on track to your healthy lifestyle!

4 Grilled Chicken for Any Meal

Grilled Chicken for Any MealGrill lemon chicken, teriyaki and natural spiced chicken. Store in a tupperware so next day you can add to your stir fry, a salad or even for a grilled chicken sandwich. This will save you time, energy and help you to stay on track to your goals!

5 Lunch for the Next Day

Lunch for the Next DayIf you are an early riser and creating lunch for the day causes a time crunch prepare the night before. Remember how mom always took care of you and helped make each day simpler with a heartfelt lunch and sometimes even a note. Make your day easy and prepare lunch in advance. This will help you stay on track to weight loss and health success!

6 Fruit Salad for the Go

Fruit Salad for the GoCut up pineapple, watermelon, apples, oranges and whatever other fruit you choose and make a fruit salad. Then for the next day you can scoop away for a great snack. When you create your healthy snacks in advance you are more likely to stay right on track.

7 Bagged Salad

Bagged SaladYou probably see the bagged salad with all the ingredients already included and think of how simple this makes life. Create your own bagged salad so you can grab and go for the next day. The easier you make your healthy meal time, the more likely you are to stay on track.

So prepare in advance so you have health success and I guarantee it will be so much simpler for you to stay on track!

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