9 Moments in Life That Call for the Munchies ...


We know all the problems over-snacking can cause โ€“especially if we donโ€™t always choose healthy snacks. The trouble is, cos life is sucky that way, there are times when you simply have to snack. I say, when the munchies call โ€“ answer them! The munchies shouldnโ€™t be banging on your door every hour, or even every day. There are some times when they come calling where you can enjoy giving in to the munchies. Like these:

1. Snacks Are Part of the Movie Watching Experience

There is no better time for the munchies than when you are settling down to watch a great movie. Whether it's popcorn and sweets in the cinema or something a little more personal at home, snacking on some of your favorite foods whilst watching your favorite Hollywood stars is a match made in heaven.

Snacks Make a Rainy Day Feel a Whole Lot Better
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