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This Art Looks Good Enough to Eat ...

By Jennifer

Artist Jacqueline Poirier uses an unusual medium for her art - plates! Known as the Crazy Plate Lady, Poirier makes art so realistic you'll be tempted to dig in. But restrain yourself! This is just a feast for your eyes (bad pun totally intended).

1 Tootsie Roll

Tootsie Roll

2 Pizza Popper & Onion Rings

3 Licorice


4 Donut

5 Ravioli

6 Grilled Cheese & Nuggets

7 Turkey Dinner

8 Crisps

9 A Burger

10 Pancakes

11 Ice Cream

12 Pizza Pie

13 Steak

14 Eat RED


15 I do!

16 Korean Cuisine

17 BBQ

18 Waffles

19 Ketchup Doritos

20 Just a Slice

21 Wings

22 Grilled Cheese

23 Ice Cream Sangggwich*

* The artist's own spelling. I like it.

24 Coffee

25 Cookies

To see more of Poirier's work, or to commission your own plate, follow her on Instagram at @TheCrazyPlateLady.

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