7 Most Important Things to Look for on Food Labels ...


The nutrition label on the back of all your food products might be getting a makeover pretty soon, but no matter how it changes, there are some key things to look for on food labels to keep you healthy and in the loop. This year, there has been a proposal for a new nutrition label to point out some of the most important items on the food label that impact people’s health the most. Nutrition labels are confusing to people that don’t really understand what they mean, or who are easily misconstrued by the numbers. People can read the calorie content, but don’t always understand where the calories really come from, and how to tell if they're high quality. Just because something is low calorie doesn't mean it's healthy, and vice versa. I thought it might be helpful to point out the most important things to look for on food labels, so you can effectively make the best choices for you no matter how much the label changes over time.

1. Sugars

Before you look at the calories or fat grams, I believe the most important item of all things to look for on food labels is the sugar content. Sugar is by far the most detrimental thing you can consume for your health, and leads more people to gain weight, develop food addictions, mood disorders, acne, chronic digestive issues, and more. So, no matter how natural the product states it is, or even if the sugars come from natural sweeteners, stay clear of anything with over 5 grams of sugar per serving. Unless the food is pure fruit, you absolutely do not need more sugar than that on any processed food - period.

Carbohydrates and Fiber
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