10 Natural Sweeteners to Replace Sugar ...


It's been proven that consuming too much sugar is unhealthy and thus why it's important to try to learn about some natural sweeteners to replace sugar. Having too much sugar in your diet (especially refined white sugar) can lead to weight gain, premature aging, and type 2 diabetes. However, there are many naturally sweet (and often surprising) alternatives to the white stuff that come with added health benefits as well! So if you're ready to kick your sugar addiction, try substituting one of these 10 natural sweeteners to replace sugar!

1. Raw Honey

One of the best natural sweeteners to replace sugar is raw honey! Honey is antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-fungal! Be warned though, honey is not better for you than sugar in weight loss terms as they both contain the same amount of calories. However, because honey is sweeter than sugar, people tend to use less of it. The health benefits lie in its production, as honey is only processed once, whereas sugar is processed multiple times. If you want to use honey instead of sugar, substitute ¾ cup of honey for every cup of sugar the recipe calls for. When it comes to using honey, less is more!

Organic Milk or Cream
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