7 New and Exciting Things to do with Mushrooms ...


7 New and Exciting Things to do with Mushrooms ...
7 New and Exciting Things to do with Mushrooms ...

Oh my goodness, there are so many things to do with mushrooms. Many of them you’ve probably heard of and even tried, but others might be entirely new to you. I can’t promise that every idea on this list will be new to you, but chances are you’ll find something that will help you shake things up in the kitchen. Here are some of my favorite things to do with mushrooms. I hope you find one that becomes your new favorite. Let me know!

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Have a Burger

Have a Burger Have you ever eaten a Portobello mushroom cap? If not, you are totally missing out! They make a great substitution for a traditional ground beef patty and this happens to be one of my favorite things to do with mushrooms. Simply grill the mushroom, then serve it on a bun with your favorite toppings. Whether you want to go meat-free or are just watching your fat and calorie intake, a mushroom burger is a tasty way to do it.


Moisten Meatballs

Moisten Meatballs My family doesn’t care much for onions, but without them, my meatballs were really dry and icky. Now, I add finely diced mushrooms to my mix and cook them as usual. They add just the right touch of moisture and they beef up the meatballs, so I can use less meat. The trick is to cut them very small and make sure they are evenly mixed throughout the ground meat.


Make Pate

Make Pate I don’t know about you, but the thought of pate makes me a little sick. At the same time, I know that is has a creamy texture that is perfect for pairing with crackers or crostini. You can make a more appealing version by using mushrooms in place of the liver. Simply sub the same amount and prepare as you would traditional pate. The mushrooms give this spread a hearty texture and is also perfect for people who don’t eat animal products.


Take Soup to a New Level

Take Soup to a New Level What could be better in soup than a handful of mushrooms? They add flavor and texture to veggie soups, chowders and even beef stew. And it’s as easy as chopping them and tossing them into the pot. I like to put them in toward the end of the cooking process since they don’t take long to cook.


Pasta Sauce

Pasta Sauce Surely you’ve had pasta sauce with mushrooms added? Well, this idea goes way beyond a couple of random slices in a pot of tomato sauce. Simmer sliced mushrooms in cream with garlic and you have a tasty sauce for linguini. Or puree cooked mushrooms and stir them into a tomato or cream based sauce to thicken it without having chunks of mushrooms in it. A simple sauce of sautéed mushrooms, onions, green peppers and a touch of tomato paste is also one that can’t be beat.

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Make a Side Dish

Make a Side Dish Mushrooms are a great addition to a wide range of your average side dishes. Shake things up at mealtime by adding mushrooms to sautéed green beans, rice pilaf or risotto. It’s an easy way to make one of your favorites just a little bit different. You can also put them in asparagus or buttered noodles to make things exciting when you serve dinner.


Pickle Them

Pickle Them I love pickles and pretty much anything that has been pickled, so this is one of my favorite ways to prepare mushrooms. If you make pickles or sauerkraut and want a similar flavor for your mushrooms, use the same recipe. Other versions simply call for salting the mushrooms and pressing them until they absorb the salt. Yum!

What do you usually do with mushrooms? I love the way they enhance a good steak dinner. Do you have any other good ideas to share?

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I love the burger idea. I think I'm going to try that next time. I love a good Portobello mushroom

#1 reminded me of the fried Portobello mushroom on the Shake Stack at Shake Shack.

Oooh portobellos are meaty, will have to do the burger sometime. This is in my favourites as of now!

Makes me hungry thinking about it!

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