No Fail Grilled Cheese in under a Minute ...


I do not know about you, but I can really screw up a grilled cheese. I either do not cook a grilled cheese enough or I burn the darn grilled cheese. With this YouTube video, learn how to make a no fail grilled cheese in under a minute!

The tricks, I think, are the reverse buttering, on the inside instead of the outside and using a microwave for 20 seconds to a minute. Start out at 20 seconds.

If you use a paper plate, absolutely no clean-up! Makes a great lunch, either at home or at your place of work.

Personally, I like having grilled cheeses with mozzarella as opposed to American. Fix what you like. Do you like hot pepper cheese? Provolone?

This might seem like a childish tutorial, but you can learn a lot from a child.

A loaf of bread, a stick or two of butter, and a pound of cheese can last you a week. Totally frugal, delicious and easy.

I hope you have a nice lunch!

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