7 Nutritious Foods That Help You Gain Weight if You're Underweight ...


There are many nutritious foods that help you gain weight that most people don’t consider when they think about gaining weight. You don’t have to jump the gun and automatically down burgers, shakes and candy bars to gain weight. In fact, I know because I’ve done it. I suffered an eating disorder that almost cost me my life and had to gain 40 pounds just to be at an acceptable weight for someone my height. This was the scariest thing I’ve ever done, but as someone truly knowledgeable and passionate about nutrition, I was determined to do it the right way. It took me longer to gain weight on healthy foods than it would have by visiting fast food places, but what most people didn’t understand was this was the only way I could handle gaining weight, without resorting to disordered eating. It took a total of one and a half years to gain the weight, but I did, and have maintained it ever since. I didn’t even have to eat anything crazy either. I simply added more healthy, calorie dense foods to my diet throughout the day, and I felt so much better in no time. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but I promise, it can be done. Check out these healthy foods that help you gain weight if you’re underweight. They’ll help you gain weight slowly, which is safe for you, your mind and your body.

1. Salmon


When I decided to recover, I was a raw vegan, so when deciding what to add to my diet,I chose to eat one of the most nutritional foods that help you gain weight in the right way- salmon. Salmon is known as a way to lose weight, but for someone not eating animal protein, it actually helped me gain weight by adding lean muscle mass. Salmon has essential fats that also stabilized my mood and balanced my brain chemistry, which was most definitely off balance from my disorder. I ate roughly 5 servings a week, and looked and felt like a new person.

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