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If you love ethnic food, you’re in luck, because some of the healthiest ethnic foods out there are some of the best nutritious foods you could be eating. Don’t get me wrong, items like fried rice, burritos, and fried dumplings aren’t what I’m talking about here. Some of the healthiest ethnic foods are actually foods you might not think of initially. In fact, they’re some of the most basic foods we eat today. Check out my favorite list of the healthiest ethnic foods, and feel free to take a stroll down the international or ethnic aisle next time you’re at the market. You’ll likely find so many gems that are amazing for your health, and your taste buds!

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Salsa One of my absolute favorites of all the healthiest ethnic foods is salsa. It’s incredible for you! High in antioxidants, low in sugar, low in calories, and filled with veggies, salsa is a terrific food to add to your buggy, and your meals. Top anything from eggs, to salads, to grain dishes and more with this delicious topping. It halts cravings, fills you up, and gives you fiber too. Be sure to choose a good brand, preferably organic if you can, and one without added sugar. Read the ingredient label to get the best option!


Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk You’ll likely see a huge variety of canned coconut milk on the ethnic aisle, and you definitely want to pick up this valuable food. It’s high in beneficial fats that spike your metabolism and contribute to brain health. It also contains a dense flavor, so you can use less for the best results. It’s naturally sugar-free, and is delicious to use in place of dairy milk in recipes. You can buy light or regular, but always choose a good brand that is free of BPA, like Nature’s Forest.



Lemongrass Take a look at the spices on the ethnic aisle. You’ll likely see some dried peppers, along with dried lemongrass. This is a wonderful food for you! It’s dried so you can use it in teas, cook stir-fries with it, and even let your oatmeal cook with it, then remove it before serving. It has a light, lemony taste, and adds a really fresh, Thai-like taste to foods. It’s been proven to be beneficial for cleansing and detoxification as well.


Dried Peppers

Dried Peppers Another top food to pick up while you’re shopping on the ethnic aisle is dried peppers. These are low in calories, sugar-free, and intense in flavor. If you can’t take the heat, I don’t blame you! However, consider just cooking your meals with them, or letting them cook in the slow cooker with soup, and then removing before serving. They add a wonderful smokey flavor to your foods, and if you remove them before eating, you won’t suffer any mouth-burning side effects! I like to also grind them in a food processor and keep them in a jar in flaked form.


Soba Noodles

Soba Noodles Have you heard of soba noodles? They’re an Asian noodle that is low in gluten, and even come in some gluten-free varieties. They’re mainly made from the gluten-free seed buckwheat, which is high in protein and nutrition. Just be sure you buy a gluten-free brand if you’re sensitive, since many have wheat added.


Wheat-Free Tamari

Wheat-Free Tamari This popular ethnic food is used as a seasoning, and has many vegan and gluten-free fans. It’s made from fermented soybeans and has a similar taste to soy sauce, but without the gluten. Low sodium varieties are also available. You can add this anywhere you would add soy sauce and keep your salt and wheat intake to a minimum.


Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil A favorite superfood that I keep in stock also happens to be found on the ethnic aisle at many supermarkets today. It may be cross-marketed in the store and featured in several different places, however at most stores you’ll find this amazing oil on the ethnic aisle. Coconut oil is my number one oil I choose to cook with, and I even add it to smoothies. It’s rich in lauric acid, which helps fight infections and unhealthy bacteria, and it’s overall a phenomenal food to add to your diet.

Ethnic foods can be an undiscovered treasure if you haven’t added them to your diet. Just be sure to keep it healthy when choosing delicious ethnic foods in the process. Do you shop on the ethnic aisle? What foods are your favorite to stock up on there?

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I love coconut oil I use it on my skin everyday. I ALWAYS get the organic kind

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