Oh Greek Yogurt How Many Ways I Love You ...


Oh Greek Yogurt How Many Ways I Love You ...
Oh Greek Yogurt How Many Ways I Love You ...

Ladies, if you haven’t already heard, standard yogurt is out, it’s all the way out. In fact, I’m sorry for even mentioning its name here in this article! It’s 2018 dammit, and the only way to go is the pure, silky smooth goodness that is Greek yogurt! Greek yogurt has been creeping up the popularity charts for some time now, so much so that I really think it has probably overtaken other forms of yogurt to be the nation’s most popular choice. We all know that yogurt (not the fruity kind full of sugar) is good for you but the benefits of Greek yogurt outweigh regular yogurt. Let’s take some time to appreciate and bask in the glory of this nectar of the gods. Oh, Greek yogurt, how many ways I love you!

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0% Fat

Literally, zero. per. cent. fat! I challenge you to find a food product that tastes this good and has literally no fat content in it. It’s almost too good to true. It somebody playing a trick on us?


Sour Cream Alternative

You can use Greek yogurt as the perfect alternative to sour cream, which obviously has a much higher full fat content. You would be surprised how easily well the two can be switched.


Healthy Nails/Skin/Hair

The calcium and protein that Greek yogurt is packed full of can do wonders for your nails, skin, and hair. The more you eat, the shinier and stronger these things will be.



Greek yogurt sure does keep you nice and slim. You can pretty much binge on it and never have to worry about putting on pounds that you don’t want to carry!


Craving Killer

Two scoops of Greek yogurt with something like peaches, honey and walnuts is a healthy dish that has the flavor punch to kill any sweet cravings that you might have throughout the day. You won’t believe that something so healthy could taste as naughty as an ice cream sundae!


Sweet and Savory

Greek yogurt has the special quality that makes it perfect for both sweet and savory dishes. This opens up a zero percent fat option for pretty much every meal of the day.


No Guilt

Greek yogurt is a no-guilt type of food. You never have to worry about adding it to your meals because you know for sure that it’s not bringing anything unhealthy to the party.


Tummy Health

It’s also really great for maintaining a healthy tummy. It is full of live active cultures and friendly bacteria that help to aid digestion.


Girl’s Best Friend

What can you turn to on a lonely weekend night when your girls are out partying, or your boyfriend is at the game? Why, it’s Greek Yogurt of course. Dollop it on some tacos, blob it onto a bowl of comforting soup or eat it with a pile of fruit. Forget your woes with a bowl of deliciousness.

Oh, Greek yogurt, I love you. So many ways.

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