9 Luscious Ways to Serve Frozen Yogurt ...


9 Luscious Ways to Serve Frozen Yogurt ...
9 Luscious Ways to Serve Frozen Yogurt ...

How to Serve Frozen Yogurt is something of a “no brainer” for me. I love it so much that I don't mind eating it with almost anything edible. Kidding! I can't actually imagine eating it with pickles or bitter gourd. Haha. Okay, so I might be kidding about that but I wasn't kidding when I said that knowing how to serve frozen yogurt is a “no brainer.” You just think of the things you might love to eat with ice cream and just substitute ice cream for yogurt. Et voila! You now have a good idea on how to serve frozen yogurt. And experiment, it pays to be curious sometimes, you know. But just in case you feel a bit lazy or don't feel like googling for them, here are 9 Luscious Ways to Serve Frozen Yogurt to get you started.

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Hot Fudge Sundae

As most of you may already know, ice cream and chocolate syrup is an awesome combo. Now, frozen yogurt and chocolate syrup is even better! Why? Because yogurt is good for you, that's why. Just make sure that you get the one with less sugar and you'll be golden.


With Fresh Fruits

This must be one of the most common ways on how to serve frozen yogurt. Slice some fresh bananas, mangoes, or berries. Put them all in a bowl. Then, put a dollop of low fat frozen yogurt on the bowl... and start stuffing your face. Haha.


Topped with Sweet Colorful Sprinkles

Now, this is just too pretty and sweet to pass up. How to serve frozen yogurt with sprinkles is, of course, super easy. Just shower some sprinkles on a bowl of yummy froyo and it's ready to eat. If you're concerned about the sugar in these cute candies, just opt for the low fat kind. These will be perfect for children's playdates or birthday parties.


Peaches and Crepe

How to serve frozen yogurt with crepe might be a bit of a hassle, especially if you decide to make the crepe from scratch. But if your pride doesn't mind the pre-made kind, then you can serve this one in just a few minutes. Just heat the crepes individually in the microwave. Put some peaches on the middle of the crepe and fold the crepe in half over those yummy fruit slices. Last step, put a scoop of frozen yogurt on top of the folded crepe. All done!


For an extra touch of decadence, drizzle some honey or a dollop of whipped cream atop the yogurt. And if you're feeling adventurous, a sprinkle of cinnamon or a handful of crushed nuts can add a delightful texture and flavor contrast that'll have your guests begging for seconds. Remember, the key to a perfect dessert is balance, so don't shy away from playing with sweet and savory elements to create a truly indulgent experience.


Simply on Toast

This might be a little strange to some people but I find it really yummy and simple. Toast a slice of wheat bread. Slather some butter on it. Then slap a dollop of frozen yogurt on top. I like how the froyo melts on top of the hot toast and softens it up... and how the butter mixes with the froyo. I just love dairy, I guess.


Cake Sandwich

I like using a square chocolate sponge cake with this one. You can bake your own cake or buy a ready made one... either one is fine. Slice the cake sideways in half. Slather frozen yogurt in between the two sheets and chill for 30 minutes to an hour. Slice the cake into smaller squares or rectangles and serve.


With Warm Waffles

You can use ready made waffles and just heat them up or make your own using a waffle mix. I prefer the waffle mix for this. Just put a scoop of frozen yogurt on top of a warm waffle and serve it with coffee or hot chocolate. Hmmm... Just thinking about it makes me crave several platefuls of this!


Tangy Dip for Potato Chips

I discovered this one quite by accident. I was watching videos over the Internet and munching on a bowl of chips when a friend gave me a cup of froyo. I wasn't really thinking of how to serve frozen yogurt at that time. I just dipped some chips into the froyo without thinking... and discovered that the combo was quite interesting. I prefer to use the “less sugar and without flavor” frozen yogurt for this one.


On Chocolate Chip Cookies

Here, you can experiment on how to serve frozen yogurt, if you want. You can slather some froyo on a choco chip cookie, put another cookie on top of that, and make a cookie sandwich. You can also just plonk down a small scoop on top of a cookie and wolf that down as it is. Or place a scoop of froyo on a plate, place a choco chip cookie sideways in the middle, and drizzle some chocolate syrup on the entire thing. Yummy!

My love for frozen yogurt just started a few years ago. We only had plain old ice cream when I was growing up. And although I still love ice cream now as much as I did in the past, I can't deny the fact that frozen yogurt has somehow overshadowed that frozen delight for me. Not only is froyo more interesting to the palate but it's also healthier. And as I've mentioned above, knowing how to serve frozen yogurt is quite easy. Just think of a dessert with ice cream and substitute froyo for the ice cream. Also, be curious. Knowing how to serve frozen yogurt is not rocket science. Just try to be creative and have fun. If you do that, I bet soon you'll be inventing your own ways on how to serve frozen yogurt yourself. In fact, why don't you share some of your fave froyo delights?

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