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13 Signs You're a Foodie for Sure ...

By Heather

As a self-declared foodie myself, I can tell you there are some pretty telltale signs you’re a foodie if you’re not sure. Foodies love food, whether it’s healthy or not. Most likely, they know everything you could imagine about flavors, nutrition, and could be a professional guide to someone in a supermarket. Not sure if you qualify? Check out these sure-fire signs you’re a foodie, and if so, declare it loud and proud!

1 Grocery Shopping is Your Favorite Thing to do

One of the biggest signs you’re a foodie is if you look forward to grocery shopping more than any other outing all week. It’s hands down my favorite thing to do, besides eat the yummy food I buy, of course. Budgeting is the not so fun part!

2 Spice Savvy

Because seriously, your cabinet just wouldn’t be complete without the curry, Herbs de Provence, and Garam Masala. Sure, cinnamon and ginger are in there too, but you’re also a connoisseur when it comes to fancier blends. Flavor is everything!

3 You Read Ingredient Labels

One of the signs you’re a foodie is also that you read ingredient labels like you do a textbook. Because Red #40 and carrageenan are not food! Whole, clean foods are where it’s at!

4 You Know Every Cheese Variety out There

Brie, ricotta, raw goat cheese- even if you don’t eat them, you know what they are. Oh, and if you're vegan, you're more likely to go for nutritional yeast for that cheesy flavor than those fake nondairy butters.

5 You Own 5 Different Kinds of Nut Butters

Because peanut butter and almond butter just won’t cut it. Bring on the cashew, NuttZo, and even that fun cinnamon raisin nut butter too. Oh, and you probably own PB2 or peanut flour too, as a healthier alternative.

6 You Never Order the Same Thing at a Restaurant

Because no one can really make a choice between cedar grilled salmon, rainbow trout, or the marinated kale salad, can they? You know you’re a foodie if you look forward to trying them all at your favorite restaurant, each time you go.

7 You Flock to the Food or Kitchen Section of Any Store You Go to

Any store you go to is not complete without a food or kitchen section, right? Even T.J. Maxx, Target, and the dollar store count! Bed Bath and Beyond and Whole Foods are a bonus.

8 You Own More Kitchen Appliances than Hair Tools

I don’t even have enough room for all my kitchen appliances, but my hair tools fit in one basket in my bathroom, and my head is full of unruly hair.

9 You Take up Nearly Your Entire Fridge

My family hates me for this- truly. I have taken up almost every shelf in the fridge, full of healthy foods, superfoods, nut milks, kefir, yogurt, pastured eggs, and of course, tons of homemade meals and snacks I prepped for the week.

10 Your Pantry Looks like a Grocery Store Shelf

You know you’re a foodie when your pantry is so full of delicious foods (that aren’t a year old!), that it looks a good bit like a grocery store shelf. Teas, coffees, spices, and by the way, they’re all organized accordingly. The only thing missing is the price tags!

11 You Cook More at Home than Eat out

Because eating out is fun occasionally, but cooking is where all the fun and creativity come together. That’s what makes being a foodie completely worthwhile.

12 You Instagram Your Food

Instagram is your go-to way to share your food with people you love, or just a way to express your inner foodie. Because isn’t everyone dying to see your amazing bowl of oatmeal or the green smoothie that you created?

13 Your Favorite Magazines Are Cooking or Food Varieties

Lastly, you know you’re a foodie if your free reading time involves mostly cooking or food magazines, and blogs, of course! Cooking Light, Cooks Magazine, Rachel Ray, and of course, all the health and fitness magazines, because they have great food sections too. Forget the business magazines or home gardening varieties. If food magazines are your go-to reads for pleasure, you're definitely a foodie.

Food brings people together, it inspires creativity, and nourishment, therefore I’m pretty proud to be a foodie, and don’t mind admitting it. So you tell me, are you a foodie?

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