Simple Paleo Overhauls for Your Favorite Meals ...

Eating paleo means you base your meals around the way our ancient ancestors ate. That is to say, you limit grains, sugar and dairy and focus on meat, fruits and veggies. Many people choose the paleo way of life for health reasons, others sort of fall into due to dietary restrictions or allergies. Whatever, the reason, a paleo lifestyle can be healthy and there are some simple ways to makeover favorites so they fit within the guidelines. Here are some easy tweaks you can start using in your kitchen so that you always have a healthy and nutritious meal on hand when hunger hits you.

1. Jump on the Voodles Bandwagon

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If you feel like you could never give up pasta, but want to eat paleo, voodles are the answer you’ve been looking for. Essentially, they are just vegetables you’ve cut with a spiralizer so they look like noodles. You can cook them or eat them raw. Try zucchini with tomato sauce, sweet potatoes with a peanut curry or carrots in a β€œpasta” salad. No matter how you do it, you are going to love this!

2. Try Salsa on Your Fish and Chicken

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There are absolutely tons of ways to make salsa and they perfectly complement fish and chicken. When you add the fiber-rich salsa to your meat, you can cut out the grains so you have a filling paleo meal. Try avocado and mango salsa on tilapia or spicy tomato and jalapeno salsa on grilled chicken breast. Yum!

3. Get Creative with Your Sandwiches

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If you are truly eating paleo, you aren’t eating much bread. That’s because our caveman ancestors didn’t eat all that many grains. If you love a sandwich and don’t feel like life is worthwhile without one, it’s time to get creative. My favorite idea is to sandwich fresh guacamole between two half strips of crispy bacon for a snack, but you can also sub out the bread for crisp lettuce leaves or homemade cauliflower bread. See – you won’t be deprived at all!

4. Egg Muffins Make a Great Breakfast

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If you rely on muffins or waffles for breakfast, you aren’t eating paleo. Those things have to go. You can still have a filling and delicious morning meal though, and you should for good health. Try making mini egg muffins by baking scrambled eggs filled with diced veggies and simply warming one or two of them up in the morning. Add some fresh fruit and you have a paleo meal fit for a queen.

5. Make Cauliflower Rice

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This is simply cooked cauliflower that you shred up to resemble rice. You can do all sorts of things with it. Try tossing it with vegetables to make fried β€œrice” or using it in your favorite stir-fry recipe. You can also flavor it with a bit of ghee and some garlic for a delicious side dish to pair with grilled steaks or baked salmon.

6. Whip up Some Burrito Bowls Today

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Obviously the paleo diet doesn’t include many tortillas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy all of your south-of-the-border favorites. Simply pile everything but the tortilla into a big bowl and chow down. Try pinto beans, shredded beef, salsa, lettuce, tomato and avocado. Tasty!

7. Stock up on Alternate Flours

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Wheat flour is a no-no when you’re eating paleo, but there are all kinds of alternates that allow you to indulge in things you can’t give up, like pancakes, muffins and desserts. The best choice for a paleo diet is coconut flour, which you can find at health food stores. It’s great for so many things and you’ll never feel deprived.

Do you eat paleo? What tips and ideas can you share?

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