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Sriracha Honey Cream Cheese Crackers ...

By Leiann

To be honest, I have never had sriracha. However, I recently acquired a bottle of the stuff and want to find out if I like it or not. How about you? In this video, learn how to make sriracha honey cream cheese crackers.

If you are attempting your first recipe with sriracha, I think this one is safe. Spread some cream cheese on a cracker. Then, add a mixture of honey and sriracha on top. How simple is that? A simple way to indulge, yet not indulge. Easy to stick to your portion control. A nice way to share something different.

So, whether you are watching a television show and want to nibble on something, need a snack for in-between meals, have to take something for a gathering, etc., this is a very different snack and I very much doubt another gal is going to bring the same thing.

I hope you like!

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