What Are Some Popular French Desserts? Top 33 Choices ...


What Are Some Popular French Desserts? Top 33 Choices ...
What Are Some Popular French Desserts? Top 33 Choices ...

What are some popular French Desserts? From Eclairs and Napoleons, to Tarte Tatins and Pains au Chocolat - the French desserts are certainly the most scrumptious desserts in the world. Find the full list of the most popular French desserts below:

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Serveware, Food, Cuisine, Ingredient, Dishware, Eclaires are by far the most popular French dessert there is, both, among the French and the foreigners. Light, puffy pastry with the scrumptious filling that has over a dozen varieties is a perfect ending to any meal. Vanilla and chocolate filled eclairs are the most popular choices, although over 10 variations are available in most French bakeries.


Napoleon (Le Mille-Feuille)

Le Mille-Feuille is another popular French dessert that is light, delicious and filling at the same time. Loved by all, it makes one of the top choices in French restaurants and bakeries world wide.



Macarons have gained huge popularity outside of France thanks to Maison La Duree, whose specialty is macarons. From rose petal and raspberry, to green tea and chocolate, macarons come in the widest variety you can only imagine. Delicate, beautiful, delicious, they are one of the most popular French desserts in the world.



Madeleine cookies are another French pastry staple, you must have seen them in grocery stores as well as on the displays of the most sophisticated French restaurants world wide. Light, delicate, they are a perfect dessert for those who are not big on chocolate.


Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate mousse is another popular choice for many, it's a perfect dessert for any meal. Surprisingly, it's very easy to make at home as well.


Chocolate mousse, with its rich, airy texture, is crafted by delicately folding whipped cream or beaten egg whites into melted chocolate to create a light yet indulgent dessert. Often infused with a hint of vanilla or a splash of liqueur, it embodies elegance and simplicity. Whether you're dressing it up with fresh berries, a dollop of whipped cream, or a dusting of cocoa powder, each spoonful promises a decadent escape that pairs perfectly with an after-dinner coffee or as the grand finale to a romantic meal. Moreover, its versatile nature allows you to cater to different levels of chocolate intensity—from milk to dark—satisfying all types of chocolate aficionados.


Creme Brulee

Food, Yellow, Ingredient, Cuisine, Orange, Creme Brulee is a favorite of many French people and gourmands around the world as well. Light, scrumptious, with a beautiful crust, it's a perfect dessert for anyone who appreciates good cuisine.


Tarte Tatin

Tarte Tatin is a very popular and a very French dessert, served in French homes and in high end restaurants alike.


Berry Tarte

Berry tarts that vary in size - from large to miniature - are a perfect and popular dessert enjoyed by many. From blueberry and raspberry tarts to a berry mix, they make a lovely addition to any lunch or dinner.


Creme Caramel

Creme Caramel is another popular French delicacy, and an absolute must-try for those who have not had the pleasure of tasting it yet.



Food, Cuisine, Ingredient, Serveware, Dessert, There is a number of suffle recipes, from cheese and spinach to chocolate and vanilla - this airy pastry is wildly popular thanks to its delicate taste and interesting presentation.



Caneles are wildly popular among French people, they are subtle, but delicious, just the perfect dessert for those who do not have a terribly sweet tooth.



Croissants are such a popular pastry, there is not a country in the world where you would not be able to find a freshly baked French croissant in the morning.



Profitroles are a great favorite of many, originating in Italy and perfected in France, it's now one of the most known and loved French desserts in the world.



Palmiers are a wonderful pastry shaped like a palm tree leaf - it's light, it's sweet, it's delicious. A perfect companion for a cup of late or espresso.



Crepes are extremely popular both in France and in the world. From preserves and Nutella to caviar filling, crepes make the best and easiest to make French dessert.



Yellow, Food, Cuisine, Ingredient, Finger food, Financiers are delicate, subtle pastry that comes in a very convenient rectangular shape, a favorite of many to have with their coffee or tea at the end of the meal.



Meringues are very light, loved by children and adults alike, they make a great and fun dessert.



La Clafoutis is a very French cake that is made with pitted cherries, served hot or cold, it's a delicious, beautiful and hearty dessert.


Poached Pear

Classic poached pears are hugely popular in French restaurants around the world, the lightness of this dessert makes it a perfect companion for larger and more caloric entrees.


Crepe Suzette

Crepe Suzette is one of my personal favorites, it's basically crepes bathed in a delicious butter-orange sauce, it's one of the most popular desserts made with the famous French crepes.


Opera Cake

Sweetness, Cuisine, Food, Ingredient, Dessert, Invented by the great French pastry chef Cyriaque Gavillon in 1955, the Opera Cake is now a staple in most of French bakeries and restaurants.


The Opera Cake is an iconic French dessert consisting of several layers of almond sponge cake and a coffee-flavored buttercream. It is then covered with a layer of chocolate ganache and topped with a chocolate glaze. This cake is an absolute favorite among French pastry chefs and is often seen in high-end restaurants. It is also a popular choice for celebrations, such as weddings and birthdays. The Opera Cake is a classic French dessert that is sure to please anyone who loves sweet and rich treats.


Baba Au Rhum

Rhum infused pastry called Baba au Rhum is extremely popular with the French, this traditional moist cake is often prepared for major holidays such as Christmas and Easter.


Pain Au Chocolat

Pain au Chocolat is another personal favorite of mine, with the delicious chocolate center, it makes for the most perfect type of croissant there is!


Saint Honoré

Cake Saint Honoré is a beautiful popular French dessert that comes in chocolate, vanilla or coffee flavor.



Brioche is a soft, slightly sweet bun that is extremely popular around the world, you can add butter and preserves or add Nutella.


Ile Flotante

Ile Flotante is a very popular dessert that is often served in many European countries nowadays, it's one of the most desired French desserts in the restaurants.


Chocholate Fondue (Le Fondue Au Chocolat)

Food, Fruit, Natural foods, Produce, Sweetness, Chocolate Fondue is another French dessert classic, with chocolate, melting in your mouth when consumed.


Basque Cake (Gateau Basque)

Originating in the Netherlands, The Basque Cake has been developed and improved in France over centuries and is now one of the most beloved cakes in France.


Pear Belle-Hélène

Based on poached pear, Pear Belle-Hélène is served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top and a drop of hot chocolate over that.


Lemon Tarte

Lemon Tarte is a great favorite of many French people and foreigners alike, not too sweet, delicate, interesting on the palette, it makes for a perfect dessert after a complex meal.



Now traditional French pastry, Paris-Brest was invented to commemorate the success of the first Paris-Brest-Paris long-distance cycling event of 1951.


Religieuse Au Chocolat

Similar to the pastry and filling used in chocolate eclairs, Religieuse au Chocolat has a more interesting and exciting presentation.



Serveware, Food, Ingredient, Sweetness, Dishware, Croquembouche is a fabulous dessert based on the light puffs used to make profiteroles, essentially it's an assembled gorgeous scrumptious tower that will inevitably impress your party guests.

With eclairs and Napoleons being on top of my personal list, what are your favorites? Please, let us know on our social media!

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