7 Summer Foods to Beat Bloat ...

By Taji

Need some foods to beat bloat this summer? Feeling bloated doesn’t just look bad during bikini season, it can also be painful and uncomfortable. Thankfully, there are a few dietary changes you can make that can help relieve bloating and gas. Try any of these seven summer foods to beat bloat.

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Cucumbers Cucumbers are one of the top summer foods to beat bloat. They’re ultra-hydrating, and if you buy organic cucumbers they’re incredibly mineral-rich. Munch on cucumbers the morning after a long night of eating and drinking. I know it sounds like an unconventional breakfast, but you’ll feel much better afterwards.



Melons Melons are also extremely hydrating food, not to mention they’re perfect for summer! Whether you’re a huge watermelon fan, cantaloupe addict, or honeydew lover, there’s something for everyone. Melon's rich water content also helps with bloating. Combine them with food #1 (cucumbers) for a delicious salad that will make you feel better instantly.



Lemons Full of vitamin C and digestive enzymes, lemons are also fantastic for bloating and gas. Whenever I eat a heavy or fattening meal (i.e. a social event or restaurant), I try to drink some hot water with lemon after my meal. This facilitates digestion and keeps me from getting too full at a special event, party, or decadent restaurant.



Berries Often super starchy or high-sugar foods can make you feel super bloated after eating them. Berries rank very low on the glycemic index chart, meaning they’re low in sugar compared to higher GI fruits like bananas. If you have a choice between fruits and you’re concerned about getting bloated, opt for berries first. They’re also loaded with a ton of antioxidants and fiber!



Ginger For thousands of years, ginger has been known as a digestive aid in Asian and Ayurvedic medicine. Ginger helps calm the stomach and intestinal gas. Try adding slices of raw ginger to hot water and a little lemon for a refreshing herbal tea to calm your upset or bloated stomach. You can even pack pieces of crystalized ginger in purse when you’re on the go and feel bloated. Find crystalized ginger at your local health food store.

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Asparagus Asparagus starts to come into season in the spring, but it hits its peak in the summer. You can make a variety of asparagus dishes that are both cooked and raw for the summer. Try roasting asparagus with a little olive oil, garlic, and salt for a delicious and healthy side for dinner. You can even use a vegetable peeler and shave it raw for a fiber-rich salad. Incorporate asparagus dishes into your diet regularly to banish bloat for good!


Lettuce (All Varieties)

Lettuce (All Varieties) Lettuce is one of the easiest foods to work into your diet if bloating is a concern. Some people like to throw it into green smoothies in the morning. I enjoy eating a lettuce based salad before lunch and dinner to aid with digestion and prevent bloating. It’s a great habit to get into not just for bloating, but your general health.

Bloating is something we all experience, but rarely know what to do or eat to feel better. Eat any of these fiber rich and hydrating foods to ease bloating, gas, and other stomach pains naturally without medication. What are some of your go-to methods for getting rid of bloating?

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Yum ! They all look good. I do the same with lemon every night.