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Where does astrology and food science collide? When a superfood can be determined to be the most suitable for your star sign! This concept is based on the astrological belief that each star sign has a particular body part/area/organ that gives it the most trouble. Knowing this enables the matching of a superfood to said body part. Come with me to find out what yours is….

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Capricorn – Sesame Seeds ♑

dish, food, grass family, produce, crop, Capricorns tend to be determined and ambitious, and sesame seeds suit this attitude, as they are small but mighty! They are loaded with selenium, calcium and magnesium so they will keep your bones strong and healthy.


Aquarius – Hemp Seeds ♒

food, meal, breakfast, grass family, dish, Aquarians love to relate to others and be enthusiastic about your life and your friends, and hemp seeds are well known for supporting heart health and lowering blood pressure.


Pisces – Echinacea ♓

purple, pink, flower arranging, flower, flower bouquet, Pisces have a tendency to be ultra-sensitive about things and being very emotionally tuned in, and Echinacea is a good choice because it works hard to cleanse the lymphatic system and support the strength of your immune system, letting you be as sensitive as you want!


Aries – Spinach ♈

dish, food, produce, plant, vegetable, Aries tend to be high energy and super willful, sometimes butting heads with people that you disagree with. Spinach is great for this because it contains lots of coenzyme Q10 which is effective in treating and warding off the symptoms of a headache!


Taurus – Seaweed ♉

fashion accessory, hand, seaweed, Tauruses are known for being relaxed, peaceful yet deliberate in your actions. This can often be related to your thyroid, and supplementing your diet with seaweed is a natural and healthy way to make sure that your thyroid is functioning as best as it can thanks to the iron and calcium content.


Gemini – Turmeric ♊

dish, food, produce, land plant, breakfast, Geminis are engaging, exciting and adventurous by nature, but this free spirit can often lead to the possibility of colds and coughs. A nice dose of turmeric in the morning can help to fight these ailments thanks to its amazing anti-inflammatory properties.


Cancer – Exotic Moringa ♋

plant, tree, leaf, herb, land plant, If you are a Cancer, you are most likely intuitive, emotional and empathetic. A good listener which makes you a really good friend. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of exotic moringa before, it’s a green powder that is packed full of all the essential vitamins that will keep on top of your health and allow you to continue to be a great friend.


Leo – Pepitas ♌

food, dish, produce, salad, plant, Leos tend to be passionate, loving and really warm, with a bunch of honesty to boot. Pepitas are a great choice for this zodiac sign, as tiny, flavorsome pumpkin seeds pack a real punch of nutrients and will help to make you as strong as a lion!


Virgo – Sage ♍

green, leaf, art, fashion accessory, pattern, Virgos are intelligent, logical and calculating, driven by facts and keen to solve problems for people. Something like sage is perfect as your superfood as it is filled with magnesium which helps to keep you as sharp as a tack and ready to solve any mystery that comes your way!


Libra – Pomegranate ♎

food, berry, produce, fruit, plant, Librans are generally all about creating and keeping a good balance in your lives, striving to please others but not at the expense of your own happiness. Pomegranate is a great superfood because it works to create a similar balance within the body, protecting the kidneys and keeping you healthy from the inside out.


Scorpio – Watercress ♏

food, gyokuro, produce, vegetable, dish, Scorpios are super feisty, and this is sometimes reflected in your bodies with many people of this sign having difficulty with things like PMS. Anything that is heavy in calcium can help to counteract this, and watercress just happens to be a perfect option to help you through that time of the month!


Sagittarius – Dandelion ♐

Traditional Medicinals, green, food, plant, produce, Sagittarians are known to be intelligent and creative, but only when you are feeling at your best both emotionally and physically. Something like dandelion root tea is a great choice because it provides a detox for your liver, helping you to feel amazing on both the inside and the outside.

Will you be adding your designated superfood into your diet now?

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